Smart Growth Projects Reach Completion in Village of Springville

Modified: September 6, 2017 2:43pm

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The Erie County Department of Environment and Planning has announced the completion of several smart growth projects included in the second phase of infrastructure improvements in the Village of Springville. Along with previously-completed enhancements to the Village’s historic central business district, dramatic improvements to Factory Street Park and the expansion of the Village’s Public Safety Building now help to highlight the Village’s revitalization. Each phase of the transformational 3-year process combined county-supplied Community Block Grant (“CDBG”) funding with Village investments and other funding sources to reinvigorate the Village.

“The Village of Springville took tremendous strides forward with Phase I of their Smart Growth project, and the transformation of Franklin and Mechanic Streets shows just how revitalizing CDBG funds can be when leveraged with other funding sources,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “Phase II further extended that revitalization by creating a village park for gatherings, festivals, and other community activities along with substantial improvements to the Public Safety Building. We are creating more walkable, livable, and enjoyable communities across Erie County by concentrating investments such as this in areas where infrastructure already exists.”

The project’s second phase, which was more recreationally focused, built on first-phase improvements on Franklin and Mechanic Streets in the Village. This phase involved the demolition of two existing blighted buildings on village-owned property at the end of Factory Street along with the construction of a new asphalt parking area for the central business district and the creation of a new park, Heritage Park, at the site. Heritage Park includes new benches, lighting, picnic shelters, restroom facilities, play equipment and a large gazebo for concerts and community events. A new quarter-mile paved walking trail was also installed around the perimeter of Heritage Park, which abuts scenic Spring Brook Creek, and connects to the nearby Shuttleworth and Fiddlers Green Parks.

Springville Mayor William Krebs said, “The Village thanks Erie County for the assistance we received to improve this part of our Village Center. The Smart Growth Grants have transformed a section of our Village into a well-designed and beautiful street scape that facilitates access to our public and cultural buildings. The street and park design will encourage public recreational use and festivals in our Village center. It truly improves the quality of live in Concord.”

Erie County-supplied CDBG funding totaling $325,000 was invested in Phase II to fund the construction of Factory Street and Heritage Park, accompanied by a NYS Main Street grant of $15,000 and a Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance (“LEWPA”) grant of $29,000, along with $75,000 in NYS funding for the Public Safety Building. Erie County’s Smart Growth Fund, one of the County Executive’s “Initiatives for a Smart Economy”, makes funding available to local governments through a competitive process for projects that further smart growth principles.

Phase I of the Springville Smart Growth projects, completed in 2015, focused on streetscape improvements including paving, new curbing, lighting, benches, plantings, and other improvements in the area of Franklin and Mechanic Streets in the Village’s central business district. $325,000 of CDBG funding was used in Phase I.

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