When emergencies strike, be Ready Erie

In Erie County, the weather can change in a matter of hours and conditions can deteriorate quickly when a winter weather event strikes. It is important to be prepared in the event of such an occurrence, as well as ensuring that your family, friends, and even your pets are ready to weather the storm. While winter storms are something we’ve seen and know how to handle, other unforeseen emergencies or disasters can occur, such as flash floods, and you need to be prepared for such a scenario.

Do you and your loved ones have an emergency plan? Would you know where an emergency shelter is if you needed to go to one? When disaster strikes or the next winter storm hits, how will you stay on top of changing conditions, keep in touch with family members, and stay safe yourself? The answer is as close as your phone and the plan is right in the palm of your hand with the new “Ready Erie” app, an emergency preparation tool that will give you the news and information you need along with peace of mind when the weather turns bad or the unexpected happens.

I was pleased to be joined by Erie County Emergency Services Commissioner Dan Neaverth recently to unveil the “Ready Erie” app, and I mentioned at the time that this app is one of the most important things I have ever announced as it has the power to save lives. No longer will residents have to sit by the radio or gather scattered information from TV news when snow is piling up and they need the latest data before they drive to work or school. Now that information is with you when you need it, comprehensive and constantly being updated on your phone, laptop computer, or mobile device. With “Ready Erie” you will know the conditions, which roads are closed, and the location of the nearest emergency shelter before you set foot out the door.

Ready Erie users will also be able to develop their own personalized Emergency Management Plan, stored on their device, which they can share with family and friends. Every individual’s Plan will include an Emergency Supply Kit Checklist tailored to their needs; a Customized Emergency Food Supply Shopping List; an Emergency Communications Plan to notify loved ones of the individual’s status; and information to prepare your home for impending disaster.

In addition, the app allows users to develop and store a contact list of loved ones and friends to expedite communications and coordinate actions in case of an emergency. Ready Erie also has information on road conditions, locating emergency shelters, and finding the best way to get there.

You can download the Ready Erie app for Apple and Android devices at the Eric County website at http://www2.erie.gov/ . It is free and easy to use, and will give you and your family an advantage when the weather turns against us. Download it today and be ready Erie!