Elma Meadows Capital Projects

Elma Meadows

2012 - 2020 Capital Improvements:


    Project Name


Type of Work Completed

 Cost to Complete


Shelters #1 and #2

Both shelters needed significant renovations to bring them to an acceptable level.

Siding, fascia, electric/plumbing repairs, minor block work and general carpentry throughout.


Clubhouse/Golf Course Electric Upgrades

Inadequate electrical supply to power Clubhouse and entire service not to code.

Increasing size of service to Clubhouse and isolating entire feed into Park/GC to meet code and parking lot lights.


Roadway and Parking Lot Improvements

Various areas are in poor shape need repairs/resurfacing.

Two (2) DI’s replaced, Park perimeter road and access road to Golf Course are priorities.


Drainage and Repair Work

Various drainage related issues, repairs and improvements.



Elma Water Withdraw Permit

Need a Water Withdraw Permit in preparation of automated irrigation system.

Engineered plans required for permit application.



Irrigation System

Irrigation system outdated and in constant need of repair; many leaks.

New irrigation system installed.


Fairways Aerification



Domestic Hot Water System

Boiler system broke down in club house. No hot water to showers, concession stand or restrooms.

Full replacement of system.


New Fencing

Current fencing damaged.

New fencing installed between golf course and park.


Security System

Current security system outdated

and inadequate.

New security system installed.


Utility/Electrical Upgrade

 Transformer blew.

 Transformer replaced.


Club House Chimney Renovation

Burner needed to be upgraded.

Firebox repaired, new mesh installed and chimney repointed.


Club House Carpeting

Carpet outdated and worn.

New carpeting installed.


Asphalt Paving

Parking lot at Shelter 2 in poor condition.

Paved parking area.


Club House HVAC Upgrade

Heating and air conditioning system outdated.

New split system with more cooling capacity installed. $6,898.00

                                                                                                                                                                                       TOTAL: $1,880,104.00


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