Grover Cleveland Capital Projects

Grover Cleveland Golf Course

2012 - 2020 Capital Improvements:


    Project Name


Type of Work Completed

 Cost to Complete


Clubhouse Upgrades

Age, leaking and rotted wood decking, carpet worn out. Tables and chairs in need of replacement.

Replaced roof, vinyl siding, plumbing fixtures replaced, carpet replaced in starter shack and electric services upgraded. New tables and chairs purchased.


Pro-Shop Upgrades

Age, leaking and lots of rotted wood decking.

New roof. Wood decking, carpentry work. Electrical work and fascia/soffit/siding.


 Maintenance Shop Upgrades

Age, leaking and some rotted wood decking.

New roof, siding and soffit, asbestos removal.


Drainage Study

Lack of drainage throughout the course causes a lack of revenue/play.

Vendor to study areas of concern and provide a report, including options/costs to remedy for 2016 Capital Project.


Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements- Phase 2

Continue efforts to improve areas within park that are in poor condition/shape.

Utility road and access road repaved. Parking lot striped.


Halfway House

Overall condition of the building exterior is poor .

Rotted wood replaced, new roof shingles, new fascia, exterior painted, new glass block windows, outside electrical fixtures replaced, gutters in-stalled


Security System

Current security system outdated

and inadequate.

New security system installed.


Fairways Aerification




                                                                                                                                                                                       TOTAL: $272,202.00


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