Important Agencies and Phone Numbers

AgencyPhone Number
All numbers are in area code 716
Action for Mental Health 871-0581
Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled (ACT) 856-2587
Crisis Services 834-3131
Erie County Department of Mental Health Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program 858-8095
Lakeshore Behavioral Health Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) 856-2587
Mental Health Association of Erie County 886-1242
Mental Hygiene Legal Services 845-3650
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill in Buffalo & Erie County 877-9415
New Options Intensive Case Management Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers (ICM) 884-2903
Peer Support Line (Non-crisis) 834-7337
Quality Behavioral Health Care Coordination Team 842-6785
Western New York Independent Living Project 836-0822

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Phone: (716) 858-8530

Department of Mental Health
Edward A Rath County Office Building
95 Franklin Street, Room 1237
Buffalo, New York 14202