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July 2016

Sales Tax Revenue Continues to Decline

June 2016

Sales Tax Revenue Revenues Decline for the First Time Since the Great Recession

 April 2016

Comptroller Mychajliw Proposes Charter Changes to protect Veterans and Stregthen Commitment to Active Duty Service Members

March 2016

Comptroller Mychajliw Releases 2015 Sales Tax Report

January 2016

Comptroller Mychajliw Announces Audit of Family Leave Policies

December 2015

Comptroller Mychajliw Uncovers Major Failures at Buffalo Urban League

Erie County Comptroller issues statement on passage of 2016 Budget

October 2015

Comptroller Mychajliw Releases Report on Revenues and Expenditures within 2016 County Budget

September 2015

Comptroller Mychajliw and County Executive Poloncarz annouce credit rating increase.

April 2015

Comptroller Mychajliw calls for multi-million investment in Canalside and Family Friendly Institutions

Mayor Brown joins Comptroller Mychajliw to honor Buffalo Public School students for their Artwork; Comptroller turns office into student art gallery

March 2015

NOW HIRING! - Comptroller Mychajliw seeks applicants to join his team as a Staff Auditor

February 2015

Comptroller Mychajliw Expands Taxpayers Checkbook to include November Storm Expenses

January 2015

Comptroller Mychajliw Receives Another National Award

Comptroller Mychajliw Creates Gas Tax Calculator

Comtptroller Mychajliw Releases Report on Gas Prices

Comtptroller Mychajliw Publishes the Taxpayer's Checkbook

Comptroller Mychajliw Wants Inmates to have Copays for Healthcare

November 2014

Comptroller Mychajliw Issues Two Storm Related Warnings

October 2014

Comptroller Mychajliw Announces Close of County Bond Sale

September 2014

Comptroller Mychajliw and County Executive Poloncarz Announce Ratings Upgrade

August 2014

 Comptroller Mychajliw hosts former Comptrollers to Unveil Portraits

June 2014

Comptroller Mychajliw Announces RFP for Borrowing Services 

Comptroller Mychajliw Releases Audit of Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System

Comptroller Mychajliw Releases Investigation Report on Erie County Weights and Measures

Comptroller Mychajliw Invests All County Banking Business With M&T Bank

April 2014

Comptroller Mychajliw closes the books on 2013 Fiscal Year

Comptroller releases 5 Year Financial Review of the Erie County Legislature 

Comptroller releases review on Wireless Devices

Comptroller Mychajliw releases Whistleblower Report

Comptroller Mychajliw's Statement on the passing of Ralph Wilson

January 2014

Press Release on Excellence in Accounting Award

Press Release on Sales Tax Revenue Decline

Comptroller Mychajliw Statement on the Resignation of Legislator Marinelli

Comptroller Mychajliw Praises County Employees

December 2013

Sales Tax Slump Continues

Audit of Hotel Occupancy Tax Completed

Audit of Cash Handling at Parks Completed

Letter Responding to Legislator Rath's Request on Potential Negative Ramifications

Comptroller's Office Review: Many County Elevators Not Inspected

October 2013

Fiscal Concerns Expressed By Control Board

Comptroller Analyzes Proposed 2014 Budget 

Comptroller Seeks Bids for Banking Business

Sales Tax Tanks Significantly

Audit: Lack of Controls Over County Gas Cards

County Executive Violates County Charter

September 2013

Reform Initiative Proposed to Improve County Hiring Practices

Comptroller Offers Cost Saving Alternative to Social Services Reorganization

Comptroller Mychajliw Cuts His Own 2014 Budget

Sales Tax Slump Continues

Comptroller Questions County Executive on Lack of Transparency

County Saves Almost $5 Million Through Control Board Borrowing

August 2013

Comptroller Mychajliw Releases Statement on FEMA Ruling

Overestimated Pension Bill Results in Unexpected Money for Erie County

Sales Tax Revenue Shortfall Continues

Board of Elections Budget Reviewed

Comptroller's Office Creates Vacancy Savings

Whistleblower Hotline Report Released

July 2013 

2nd Quarter Financial Report 2013

Erie County Guidelines for Auditees

Comptroller Issues Countywide Budget Report

Sales Tax revenue slump continues

Comptroller's Office Distributes 2nd Quarter Sales Tax

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Completed

June 2013

Accounting Division Completes Corrective Action Plan

Audit Division Completes Corrective Action Plan

Final Report on Documents Issued

Sales Tax Revenue Continues to Fall Short of Administration Projections 

May 2013 

Audit Uncovers Workers Throwing Highly Confidential Records of Erie Countty Residents iIn The Trash 

Audit Finds Sensitive Records Discarded In Boxes by Erie County Department of Social Services

2013 Cash Flow and RAN

March 2013 Sales Tax Declines

Cost of Proposed CSEA Contract Calculated

April 2013

First Quarter Financial Report 2013

Big Bucks Saved by ECFSA Borrowing

Comptroller Mychajliw's Opposition to a $12,453 Raise

Warning Issued as 2012 Budget is Closed

February 2013 Sales Tax Letter to Legislature

Comptroller Mychajliw Reports February 2013 Sales Tax Revenue

Comptroller Mychajliw Completes First 100 Days in Office

March 2013

Comptroller Mychajliw Reports January 2013 Sales Tax Revenue

Comptroller's Office Releases Review of "$100,000 Club"

Reform Plan Passes Erie County Legislature

February 2013

Letter to Legislature Regarding FEMA Audit

Comptroller Mychajliw's Statement on ECFSA Report about Revised Four-Year Plan

Buffalo Public Schools Art Student's Original Works on Display in Comptroller's Office

Comptroller's Office to Audit Medicaid

Comptroller's Response to Revised Four-Year Plan

Comptroller's Office Reports December 2012 Sales Tax Revenue

Cash Flow Response

January 2013

Comptroller Mychajliw Releases Cash Flow and Short Term Borrowing Reports

Comptroller's Office Reviews Massage and Acupuncture Bill

Comptroller's Office Purchase Review

Comptroller's Office Review

Comptroller Mychajliw Reports November 2012 Sales Tax Revenue

Comptroller's Office Reaches Deal with New York State

Comptroller Mychajliw's Memo on Union Contract Settlements

Comptroller Mychajliw's Follow-up Letter on Erie County Cash Position, 12/31/12 and Beyond

Comptroller Mychajliw's Letter on Erie County's Cash Position, 12/31/12 and Beyond