Disabled Parking Permits

To obtain information and applications, you must contact the municipality in which you live.  See below for complete list of issuing offices in Erie County. 








Akron, Village of                                                       Clerk’s Office


716-542-9636                                                              21 Main St.


                                                                                     Akron, NY  14001




Alden, Town of                                                         Clerk’s Office


716-937-7054                                                              3311 Wende Rd.


                                                                                     Alden, NY  14004




Amherst, Town of                                                     Clerk’s Office


(Also for Getzville, Snyder & Williamsville)              5583 Main St.


716-631-7021                                                              Amherst, NY  14221




Angola:  See Evans




Aurora, Town of                                                       Town Clerk


(Also for East Aurora)                                                300 Gleed Ave.


716-652-3280                                                              East Aurora, NY  14052






Blasdell, Village of                                                     Clerk’s Office


716-822-1921                                                              121 Miriam


                                                                                    Blasdell, NY  14219




Boston, Town of                                                        Clerk’s Office


716-941-6113                                                              8500 Boston State Rd.


                                                                                    Boston, NY  14025




Buffalo, City of                                                         Div. for Senior Services


716-851-4141                                                              Office for Disabled Parking


                                                                                    City Hall-Room 8A


                                                                                    Buffalo, NY  14202




Cheektowaga, Town of                                            Clerk’s Office


716-686-3432                                                              3301 Broadway


                                                                                    Cheektowaga, NY  14227




Clarence, Town of                                                    Clerk’s Office


716-741-8938                                                              1 Town Pl.


                                                                                    Clarence, NY  14031




Colden, Town of                                                       Clerk’s Office


716-941-5012                                                              8812 State Rd.


                                                                                    Colden, NY  14033




Collins, Town of                                                        Clerk’s Office


716-532-4487                                                              14093 Mill St.


                                                                                    Collins, NY  14034




Concord, Town of                                                     Clerk’s Office


716-592-4946                                                              86 Franklin St.


                                                                                    Concord, NY  14141




Depew, Village of                                                      Clerk’s Office


716-683-1400                                                              85 Manitou St.


                                                                                    Depew, NY  14043




Derby:  See Evans                                                    




East Aurora, Village of:  See Aurora




Eden, Village of                                                         Police Dept.


716-992-9211                                                              2795 East Church St.


                                                                                    Eden, NY  14057




Elma, Town of                                                           Clerk’s Office


716-652-3260                                                              1600 Bowen Rd.


                                                                                    Elma, NY  14059




Evans, Village of                                                       Town Clerk


(Also for Derby and Angola)                                      8787 Erie Rd.


716-549-8787                                                              Angola, NY  14006




Getzville:  See Amherst




Grand Island, Town of                                             Clerk’s Office


716-773-9600, Ext. 600                                              2255 Baseline Rd.


                                                                                    Grand Island, NY  14072




Hamburg, Town of                                                   Clerk’s Office


716-649-6111                                                              6100 South Park Ave.


                                                                                    Hamburg, NY  14075




Hamburg, Village of                                                 Police Chief


716-649-4501                                                              100 Main St.


                                                                                    Hamburg, NY  14075




Holland, Town of                                                      Clerk’s Office


716-537-9443                                                              47 Pearl St.


                                                                                    Holland, NY  14080




Kenmore, Village of                                                  Police Headquarters


716-875-1234                                                              2395 Elmwood Ave.


                                                                                    Kenmore, NY  14217




Lackawanna, City of                                                 Director of Public Safety


716-827-6417                                                              Police Headquarters


                                                                                    714 Ridge Rd.


                                                                                    Lackawanna, NY  14218




Lancaster, Town and Village                                   Clerk’s Office


716-683-9028                                                              21 Central Ave.


                                                                                    Lancaster, NY  14086




Marilla, Town of                                                       Clerk’s Office


716-652-5350                                                              1740 Two Rod Rd.


                                                                                    Marilla, NY  14102




Newstead, Town of                                                   Town Clerk


716-542-4573                                                              P.O. Box 227


                                                                                    5 Clarence Center Rd.


                                                                                    Akron, NY  14001




Orchard Park, Town and Village                            Town Clerk


716-662-6410                                                              4295 South Buffalo St.


                                                                                    Orchard Park, NY  14127




Sloan, Village of                                                        Clerk’s Office


716-897-1560                                                              425 Reiman St.


                                                                                    Sloan, NY  14212




Snyder:  See Amherst




Springville, Town of                                                 Clerk’s Office


716-592-4948                                                              86 Franklin St.


                                                                                    Springville, NY  14141




Tonawanda, City of                                                  Clerk’s Office


716-695-1800                                                              200 Niagara St.


                                                                                    Tonawanda, NY  14150




Tonawanda, Town of                                               Municipal Office


716-877-8800                                                              2919 Delaware Ave.


                                                                                    Tonawanda, NY  14217




Wales, Town of                                                         Clerk’s Office


716-652-0589                                                              Big Tree Rd.


                                                                                    Wales Center, NY  14169




West Seneca, Town of                                              Clerk’s Office


716-674-5600                                                              1250 Union Rd.


                                                                                    West Seneca, NY  14224




Williamsville:  See Amherst