6/1/12: Poloncarz Addresses Rules, Recreation at County Beaches

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Summer Weather, Popular Beaches Necessitate Review of Policies & Procedures

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Today, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz was joined by Parks Commissioner Troy Schinzel, members of the Erie County Sheriff’s office, and members of the Town of Evans police department at Bennett beach in Angola to welcome residents to County parks and beaches while also reminding them of the rules of conduct that apply while they are there. Hot early-season weather brought  on a surge in the number of people heading to the beaches and parks, with recent incidents suggesting that a repetition of County policies for safe, responsible usage of these spaces was in order.

“First and foremost, I would like to welcome all County residents to our beaches and parks, and hope everyone has a fun and safe time while they are there. Even on a rainy day like today, people are coming out to enjoy the natural beauty of Bennett beach,” said Poloncarz. “I also want to remind visitors to respect the rules while they are here. These areas are here for the enjoyment of all County residents, and everyone who visits has a responsibility to leave the beach in good condition. Respect our environment by disposing of your trash in the proper receptacles, and respect other visitors by adhering to state laws regarding consumption of alcoholic beverages.”

The Erie County Parks system, considered to be one of the finest in New York State, maintains Bennett beach in Angola as well as Wendt beach in Evans. Both are summertime destinations for local families, offering unparalleled views, wide expanses of sandy shore, and easy access to Lake Erie. While Bennett is an open beach without shelters, Wendt offers picnic areas and facilities. Both beaches have ample parking; newly-placed fencing at Bennett beach, as well as increased signage, is intended to more clearly delineate parking areas.

“With summer weather upon us, we expect our parks and beaches to be busy places,” said Schinzel. “We also expect that our visitors will abide by the clearly posted rules at each beach and park, rules that are there to protect everyone. If visitors can be responsible for themselves and obey the rules while enjoying their time here, the beaches and parks will be left in much better condition and the summer will be more enjoyable for everyone who uses them.”

The Parks department has been working with the Erie County Sheriff’s department and the Town of Evans police department to provide security at Bennett beach, with the Sheriff’s department using an all-terrain vehicle (“ATV”) as well as mounted deputies to randomly patrol the beach and address any problems. Additionally, the Parks department plans to hire lifeguards for the beaches by mid-June; swimming is prohibited until lifeguards are in place.

For more information on the Erie County Parks department, visit:  http://www2.erie.gov/parks/  or call   (716) 858-8355

For a listing of Erie County Parks, Beaches, and Golf courses visit:  http://www2.erie.gov/parks/index.php?q=parks


1.     Park Hours: 7am -Dusk (Winter) or 9pm (Summer). Reserved shelters & buildings are accessible from 10am - 9pm

2.     Shelters are by reservations only. The quantity of people at shelter must not exceed the shelter limits.

3.     Reservations (shelter & camping) may be made by calling 716.858.8355 or by submitting an electronic request                                                   

4.     Reservation Fees are not transferable or refundable. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. 

       A fee will be assessed if a check is returned for nonsufficient funds.

5.     Preservation of Property: Destruction or defacing of park property is prohibited. 

       Please remove signs at the end of your event. Use of staples, nails and tacks is prohibited.

6.     Traffic and Parking:

               a. Speed limit is 15 mph

               b. NO parking more than 5 feet off roads or where prohibited by sign.

               c. Driving off roadways is prohibited.

7.     Fires shall be allowed only in grills, camping facilities and fire circles provided for that

         purpose, or grill furnished by Park patrons. All Fires shall be extinguished before leaving the site.

8.     Garbage and Refuse: Littering and Dumping are prohibited. Please use carry-in/carry-out principle 

        and place all garbage in proper refuse containers.

9.     Dogs: Must be licensed and kept on leash at ALL TIMES.  


10.   Alcoholic Beverages: Beer and wine are by permit only. Shelter permit allows beer and wine.  

         No other alcoholic beverages allowed.

11.    All Glass containers are prohibited.

12.    Unreasonably loud noise or music and Disorderly conduct is prohibited.

13.    Bouncehouses and Tents are by Permit only. Call 716.858.8355 for more information

14.    Commercial Enterprises and Large Events: are prohibited without a permit issued by the 

         Parks Commissioner or his duly appointed agent.

15.    Bicyclists: Must wear helmet at all times.

16.     Hunting and Trapping: is prohibited in all County Park land. Fishing shall be allowed only in season 

         and where posted.

17.    Firearms: Carrying or discharging of firearms is prohibited.

18.    ATV’s and snowmobiles:  Must be insured and registered and remain on designated trails only. 

                  a. ATVs are allowed only in Chestnut Ridge Park in designated outlying trails and by permit only.

                     b. All rules of permit must be followed. Call 858-8355/ www.erie.gov/parks

19.    Horses and Riders: prohibited except on trails designated specifically for that purpose.

20.    Do not cut or destroy any trees, plant life or disturb wildlife.

21.    DECORATIONS: May be applied with sticky-tac only.  Absolutely no tape, tacks, staples or nails can be used at any time. Nothing can be affixed to ceilings or fans. Table cloths cannot be stapled ortacked to table.  Absolutely NO HELIUM BALLOONS. Any damage caused by using unauthorized items will be charged back to the permit holder.


 For more information, visit   http://www2.erie.gov/parks/index.php?q=policies-amp-procedures