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Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz was joined by Legislature Chair April Baskin (2nd District), Legislator Howard Johnson (1st District), Social Services Commissioner Marie Cannon, Personnel Commissioner Timothy Hogues, and staff from the Schiller Park senior center today at Schiller Park to unveil the new Live Well Erie Mobile Services Unit, a 2019 Ford E-450 cutaway series van that has been outfitted for use by county health and human service departments to provide information and sign up residents for county services and programs. The mobile unit, expected to be used countywide by the Departments of Health, Senior Services, Social Services, Probation, Veterans Affairs, and others will travel to community centers on scheduled dates to meet with county residents and address their concerns.


“This mobile services unit provides a critical link between county departments and the people we serve, who may not be able to get downtown or to a county office for the information they need or to sign up for services. With this van we will be better able to reach them at a place that works for them while providing a private space that suits their needs,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “The Live Well Erie van allows us to help families, seniors and individuals right in their own neighborhoods, in a quiet and personal setting where we can answer their questions and connect them with services. This unit has been sorely needed, and I thank Chair Baskin and the Legislature for recognizing that need and working to move this project forward.”


The Live Well Erie unit has been equipped inside with desks, cabinets, closet, a rear wheelchair lift, and other amenities to facilitate meetings with residents. A schedule for rotating departmental usage will be developed and publicized in order for residents to know which departments are coming to their community as well as where and when. Residents accessing county services at the van will be able to learn more about what is available to them and apply for services with trained county personnel on hand to guide them. Departments will also work with legislators and community groups to identify communities for the unit to visit.


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