2018 Erie County Senior of the Year Award

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The Erie County Department of Senior Services is seeking nominees for Erie County Senior of the Year, a resident over the age of 60 whose community involvement has made a difference to others---improving the quality of life in and around Erie County---and putting to use his or her knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to enable that difference.

Each nomination must include this form and attached narratives as requested above; additional information will not be considered. We cannot accept electronic applications or self-nominations. Nominations will be date-stamped and acknowledgements sent out within 48 hours.

The award winner will be invited to represent Erie County at Older New Yorker Day on May 22nd at the State Capitol Building in Albany. For general information call NY Connects at 858-8526.

Nominations for Senior of the Year must be mailed to: Erie County Senior of the Year, 95 Franklin St- Rm. 1341, Buffalo NY 14202, and postmarked no later than March 16th, 2018.


Phone: (716) 858-8526

Erie County Department of Senior Services
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