Winter Safety

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Cold Weather Ahead sign

"When the temperature drops, older adults run a higher risk of health problems and injuries related to the weather, including hypothermia, frostbite, and falls in ice and snow. Like most things in life, it is better to be prepared."

Precautions to Prevent Hypothermia:

  • Stay indoors (or don’t stay outside for very long). 
  • Keep indoor temperature at 65 degrees or warmer. 
  • Stay dry because wet clothing chills your body more quickly. 
  • Dress smart – protect your lungs from cold air. Layer up! Wearing 2 or 3 thinner layers of loose-fitting clothing is warmer than a single layer of thick clothing. Think about getting your thermals! 
  • Essential winter wear: hats, gloves (or preferably mittens), winter coat, boots, and a scarf to cover your mouth and nose.

Precaution to Prevent Falls:

  • Make sure steps and walkways are clear before you walk. Be especially careful if you see wet pavements that could be iced over. 
  • Clear away snow and salt your walkways at home, or hire someone to do it.
  • Wear boots with non-skid soles – this will prevent you from slipping.
  • If you use a cane, replace the rubber tip before it is worn smooth.
  • Consider an ice pick-like attachment that fits onto the end of the cane for additional traction.

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