Early Childhood Direction Center

Modified: February 26, 2016 5:16pm

Looking for support? There's help available! Our group is dual-purposed, and serves as both a parent/guardian support group in addition to a child play group. Children with visual impairments ages birth - 5 are who our group primarily serves, however; this group also welcomes children with any developmental delays or disabilities in that age range. We meet once a month to talk about concerns, obstacles, and successes you may be encountering with your child, in addition to allowing free play time for our children. The overall purpose of this group is to provide support and allow for new connections to be fostered among a community of parents, caregivers, and children.

You can contact ECDC Staff at ECDC@kaleidahealth.org or telephone 1-800-462-7853.

Our group serves as both a parent/guardian support group and a child play group