Black Rock Canal Park

Modified: October 26, 2015 1:58pm

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BRCP-Avian Walk

The second phase of construction was recently completed at the county’s Black Rock Canal Park in Buffalo. Improvements at the park include an iconic boat sculpture symbolizing the Canal’s old boat barges; a new promenade along the water; the addition of a large “Black Rock,” representing the park’s namesake; replacing a wall at the water’s edge with a railing to allow for a sweeping view of the Niagara River; a new Parks Department maintenance building; and a new parking area featuring clearly marked boat parking.

These improvements continue the major transformation from what was once a neglected old boat launch into an environmentally and family friendly county park on the city’s waterfront that includes Erie County’s first dog park.  Funding is in place for a third phase of construction at the park. This phase will focus on improving the park’s boat launch.

For more information about each phase of the resurgence of Black Rock Canal Park, click here.