Thomas R. Hersey, Jr., Commissioner of Environment & Planning

Thomas R. Hersey, Jr., Commissioner of Environment & Planning

The Department of Environment and Planning leads the County's economic development efforts, oversees environmental compliance, collaborates on local and regional planning, provides digital mapping services, and provides wastewater treatment services in seven sewer districts across the county.

What's Happening in Environment & Planning

Agriculture and Farmland Protection Application

The New Interactive Agricultural and Farmland Protection Mapping Application

The Agricultural and Farmland Protection (AFP) Mapping Application provides an interactive view of maps contained in Erie County’s Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan. It provides the basis for land use planning and conservation of valuable agricultural lands. The AFP provides descriptions and map...


The Study assessed potential sites for a new Convention Center in Buffalo and evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of each, identifying a site on Delaware Avenue directly across from the historic Statler Hotel on West Mohawk Street as the preferred site for a new Convention Center. The Delaware Avenue site gives our community the most value for the lowest investment. 


I Am The Solution to Plastic Pollution

“I Am the Solution to Plastic Pollution” Art and Science Project: 

The Erie County Department of Environment and Planning, in partnership with the Buffalo Museum of Science and The Buffalo Zoo, invites K-12 students to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by participating in a creative art and science project that they can...

Erie Grown

Erie Grown promotes locally grown and in-season produce as well as maple, honey, and agritourism activities. We hope to better connect consumers to farmers, farmers markets, and local foods by linking available goods with those would like to buy them.