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Patrick B. Burke

Erie County Legislator- District 7

District Office: 

2189 Seneca St. Buffalo NY 14220

(716) 823-0752

Downtown Office: 

92 Franklin St. 4th Floor

 Buffalo NY 14202

Phone: (716) 858-8480

To schedule an appointment with Legislator Burke send an email to:   

 Email: Patrick.Burke@Erie.Gov   





Legislator Burke 2017 Constituent Survey   

Click the link below to fill out the 2017 constituent survey and share your thoughts with Legislator Burke!




Legislator Burke Recognizes Officer Pat McDonald as the Erie County Citizen of the Month

This month it was my pleasure to recognize City of Buffalo Police Officer Patrick McDonald as the Citizen of the Month for July. Officer McDonald’s service has been recognized and praised by the public due to his handling of a noise complaint of loud music being played in the City of Buffalo. When he arrived, Officer McDonald effectively diffused the situation and then did something unexpected: he embraced calls to play football with a group of kids outside, joining them in an act of unity and solidarity with the residents he’s tasked with protecting.

A Statement from Legislator Burke on Closed Door Healthcare Reform that Hurts the Middle Class, Erie County Taxpayers, and Those Most in Need

Last night Senate Republicans unveiled their version of the American Health Care Act. Their proposal would put thousands of Erie County residents in dire circumstances. My district represents 39,327 Medicaid recipients. Under the provisions of this bill, Erie County will face a tradeoff—whether to allow thousands to be uninsured or increase taxes. Furthermore, to offset the cost of uninsured hospital visits, Erie County residents will bear the burden, seeing their premiums and deductibles rise.

Burke Combats Zombie Homes in Erie County

Erie County, New York- Legislator Patrick Burke has put forth a resolution to reduce the blight of zombie homes in Erie County.

The resolution, which maintains bipartisan support in the Legislature, advocates for a Home Rule Request seeking permission from New York State to amend the Erie County Tax Act. The decision will allow Albany to decrease the allotted time for vacant properties to sit in foreclosure from two years to 1 year. Thereby fighting against the nearly 1,000 vacant homes deemed “zombie houses” in Erie County.

Constituent Survey 2017

Over the past few months my office has been sending out surveys to constituents in the 7th district. The survey is now available to be filled out online by following the link below. This survey will help gauge constituent concerns and needs, and ensure a direct line of communication with the people I serve.

Saying No to a New York State Constitutional Convention on the 2017 Ballot

Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke has submitted a resolution in opposition to the New York State Constitutional Convention on November 7th, 2017 (election day). Every 20 years, the Constitutional Convention affords the citizens of New York an opportunity to vote to make major amends or revisions to the State’s Constitution. However, it is imperative to note that this is not the only opportunity for changes to be made to the Constitution. Individual bills may be passed at any time to amend specific language and alter the Constitution.

Legislator Burke Demands Changes be Made to Tifft Street Bridge for Pedestrian Safety

Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke has submitted a resolution outlining necessary changes to the Tifft Street Bridge, which currently poses safety issues regarding pedestrian traffic. The bridge currently prevents South Buffalo residents from accessing the recently-revitalized waterfront. Renovations for the bridge were proposed in the early months of 1993 by then-Council-member Brian Higgins, close to a quarter century ago. Despite this previous proposal, the bridge never received the required attention, and presently stands posing both a larger safety risk, and greater cost of repair the longer it waits without being addressed.

Erie County Recognizes May 1st as International Worker's Day

Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke submitted a resolution, which was approved, to recognize May 1st as International Workers Day in Erie County. May 1st, or May Day as it is more commonly known, signifies the struggle for the eight hour workday in the 19th century.

Burke Submits Honeybee Protection Act

Erie County Legislator Pat Burke has submitted the Honey Bee Protection act to the Erie County Legislature. Modeled after similar legislation from Maryland, the Honey Bee Protection Act would prohibit the consumer use of insecticides that have been linked to the decline in honeybee populations as well as other pollinating insects.