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Patrick B. Burke

Erie County Legislator- District 7

District Office: 

2189 Seneca St. Buffalo NY 14220

(716) 823-0752

Downtown Office: 

92 Franklin St. 4th Floor

 Buffalo NY 14202

Phone: (716) 858-8480

To schedule an appointment with Legislator Burke send an email to:  

 Email: Patrick.Burke@Erie.Gov   





Legislator Burke 2017 Constituent Survey   

Click the link below to fill out the 2017 constituent survey and share your thoughts with Legislator Burke!




Seneca Street Study - CazPark Neighborhood

Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke sought assistance from University at Buffalo’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning developing strategies for Seneca Street’s revitalization. A graduate Urban DesignStudio comprised of urban planning and architecture students was initiated to analyze multiple aspects of the neighborhood. This included the composition of an inventory of existing buildings, and an analysis of the area’s history, traffic, streetscape, open space, culture and population. The goal o f t h is studio is to suggest a framework f o r the stabilization and growth of the Seneca-Cazenovia neighborhood with a focus on Seneca Street as the core of redevelopment. Our focus is on community-based and community-lead revitalization. The Seneca-Cazenovia neighborhood can thrive once again by capitalizing on its assets; a historically significant park, unique architecture, a community with strong networks and long-term residents, and a desire to make the neighborhood a great place to live. The corridor is ripe for change, and this plan will help direct growth towards long lasting sustainability.

“Expanding EC Sewer District No. 1 to Include All of the Town of Cheektowaga and Village of Sloan”

 At the Energy & Environment Committee meeting I submitted a resolution calling for the Erie County Department of Sewerage to investigate the feasibility of including all of the Town of Cheektowaga and the Village of Sloan to be brought into Erie County Sewer District 1.



“The Great Lakes are a precious natural resource.  They provide fresh water for over 40 million people in both the United States and Canada.  At a time when others around the world are taking steps to protect what little fresh water they have, I believe it is dangerous and irresponsible to risk the future of the Great Lakes by building this dump site,” said Legislator Burke.


“New York State needs to pass comprehensive IDA reform that allows for effective regional coordination of economic development. There is no future for Buffalo without Amherst, and no future for Cheektowaga without Lancaster. We need every city, town, and village rowing in the same direction if we are going to ensure a stronger economy for Erie County,” said Legislator Burke.


Legislator Burke writes a guest column for the Am-Pol Eagle about General Thaddeus Kosciuszko, hero of The American Revolution and Polish Freedom Fighter. Kosciuszko worked closely with General George Washington, using his time as a soldier and utilizing his knowledge and skills in engineering he fought in the battles of Fort Ticonderoga and Saratoga in New York. Washington saw Kosciuszko's superior skill set during the Revolutionary War and commissioned him to build a defensive fort on the Hudson River to deny the British access to the New York waterways. That fort was established at West Point, New York, and is known today as the Military Academy at West Point, one of our nation’s most prestigious military academies. West Point took Kosciuszko two and half years to build and became the largest fort in America. It was widely praised in its time for being highly innovative in its design, and, according to Kosciuszko, the fort at West Point was his greatest accomplishment.

Burke’s Vaccination Awareness Resolution Passes Health Committee

Legislature Calls for Increasing Awareness in Low Vaccination Communities

Vaccinations not only protect the health of a child, but also provide larger health protections to the whole community by stopping the spread of viruses to immunocompromised individuals.  In recent years many parents have made the choice to not have their children vaccinated based on erroneous claims.

FCC ruling boosts County’s chance of municipal broadband

This was a critical step towards making municipal broadband a reality in Erie County. Erie County Legislator Patrick B. Burke identified access to the internet as a major hindrance in the economic and social growth of the region.

Burke Resolution on Stricter Airline Safety Measures Passes Unanimously in Legislative Session.

On the anniversary of the loss of Flight 3407, Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke's resolution calling on the Federal Government and the FAA to keep regulations in place for stricter safety regulations passed unanimously in today's Legislative session.