2018 Arts & Cultural Application Release & Briefing

Modified: April 10, 2017 2:31pm

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All eligible organizations encouraged to attend

Erie County is kicking off its annual Arts and Cultural Funding Program.

An applicant briefing has been scheduled for Thursday, April 20th at 5:00 PM, during which time the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning and Erie County Arts and Cultural Advisory Board (EACAB) members will review the 2017 funding process and provide an overview of the 2018 funding application. The briefing will take place in at the WNED/WBFO Studios at 140 Lower Terrace, Buffalo, NY 14202. Attendees may use the visitor’s entrance on Charles Street to access the parking lot.


The electronic version of the funding application will be available by April 20, 2017 on the Erie County webpage erie.gov/environment. Additional information is available on the webpage to assist applicants, including eligibility criteria and step-by-step instructions for completing a short- or long-form funding application.


As in prior years, attendees will receive a helpful checklist to be used while completing their 2018 short- or long-form funding applications. The funding application process provides the EACAB with important applicant information related to organizational effectiveness in the areas of finance, governance, and management. The funding process aligns with the New York State Council of the Arts process to increase efficiencies for applicants.


Eligible organizations seeking Erie County funding must submit their 2018 funding application by 11:59PM on THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 2017