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Press Releases - 2013

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12/31/13 12/31/13: Poloncarz Announces Availability of Emergency Energy Assistance Funds
12/26/13 12/26/13 Senior Services Announces Healthy Living Workshops
12/26/13 12/26/13: Snowmobiling Adds to Seasonal Fun at Select County Parks
12/23/13 12/23/13: Erie County, Partners Advance Preparations on Watershed Management Plan
12/20/13 12/20/13: Poloncarz Announces Public Meeting on Fracking Local Law
12/19/13 12/19/13: Poloncarz Notes Abundant Winter Activities at County Parks
12/19/13 12/19/13: EC Dept. of Social Services Raises Awareness on Dangers of Shaking Babies
12/16/13 12/16/13: Poloncarz Presents WWII Service Medals
12/13/13 12/13/13: Poloncarz Welcomes Santaland to Chestnut Ridge Park
12/12/13 12/12/13: Poloncarz, Seege Meet on Snow Strategy
12/10/13 12/10/13: Families, Children Celebrate Adoption in Erie County
12/9/13 12-9-13: Erie County HEAP Warms Up for 2013/2014 Season
12/5/13 12/5/13: Poloncarz Notes Sales Tax Receipts on the Rise
12/4/13 12/4/13: Poloncarz Discusses Passage of 2014 Erie County Budget
11/25/13 11/25/13: Poloncarz Proclaims "Darnell Barton Day" in Erie County
11/22/13 11/22/13: Poloncarz Honors Baranowski as Senior of the Month
11/22/13 11/22/13: Poloncarz Joins in Nationwide Thank You to Public Health
11/21/13 11/21/13: Poloncarz, Officials Highlight Proposed 2014 EC Budget
11/18/13 11/18/13: Poloncarz Statement on Disruptive Fan Behavior at RWS Stadium
11/18/13 11/18/13: Erie County Statement on Unusual SNAP Benefit Payments
11/15/13 11/15/13: EC Workforce Development Summit Focuses on Hospitality Sector
11/14/13 11/14/13: County Residents Save Over $8 Million on Prescription Costs
11/8/13 11/8/13: Erie County, Village of Lancaster Break Through on Revitalization
11/1/13 11/1/13: Erie County is Only WNY County Recognized as "Storm Ready"
11/1/13 11/1/13: County Probation Department Out in Force on Halloween
10/30/13 10/30/13: County Holds Flu Immunization Clinic
10/29/13 10/29/13: County Providing Counselors to Boost Health Care Enrollment Under Affordable Care Act
10/24/13 10/24/13: Shredding Celebration for America Recycles Day
10/24/13 10/24/13: Poloncarz Announces Partnership with Say Yes Buffalo
10/23/13 10/23/13: Poloncarz Visits Foreclosure Mobile Command Center
10/16/13 10/16/13: Social Services' Daycare Program Moving to Rath Building
10/15/13 10/15/13 Poloncarz Presents 2014 Erie County Proposed Budget
10/9/13 10/09/13: Poloncarz Announces Cancer Screening Grant
10/8/13 10/08/13: Emergency Services Recruitment Rolls into October
10/1/13 10/01/13: Poloncarz, Brown Address Impacts of Federal Shutdown
9/30/13 9/30/13: Poloncarz, Burstein Highlight Fall Harvest of Healthy, Locally Produced Food
9/30/13 9/30/13: Poloncarz Joins Grisanti, Ryan in Announcing New Law to Improve Erie County Land Bank
9/25/13 9/25/13: Poloncarz Assesses 2013 Improvements at Erie County Parks
9/24/13 9/24/13: EC Senior Services Takes Part in "Carrier Alert" Program
9/24/13 9/24/13: Poloncarz, Higgins Announce East Robinson Road Reconstruction
9/23/13 9/23/13: Hoak, Burstein Prepare For Falls Prevention Awareness Week
9/23/13 9/23/13: Poloncarz Announces Ratification of NYS Nurses Association Contract
9/18/13 9/18/13: Poloncarz and Town Officials Announce New Snowplowing Agreement between Erie County, Towns
9/18/13 9/18/13: Erie County Receives $1.9 Million Grant for Buffalo River Remediation
9/17/13 9/17/13: Poloncarz Reminds Homeowners Eligible for STAR Property Tax Exemption to Register with New York State
9/16/13 9/16/13: County Parks, Partners Join Forces on Bennett Beach Restoration Project
9/12/13 9/12/13: Analysis of County Medicaid Usage Reveals Steadily Rising Costs and Enrollees, Demographics of Recipients
9/10/13 9/10/13: Poloncarz Encourages Residents to Enjoy a Walk in the Park this Autumn at Erie County Parks
9/10/13 9/10/13: Poloncarz Announces Reorganization Plan for Department of Social Services
9/9/13 9/09/13: Poloncarz Announces Citizens Forums for 2014 Community Development Program
9/6/13 9/06/13: Erie County Senior and Veterans Services Departments to Join 9/11 National Day of Service
9/4/13 9/04/13: Railway Relocation Project Revitalizes Bethlehem Steel Site
9/3/13 9/3/13: Erie County to Sponsor Workshop on Municipal Solid Waste
8/30/13 8/30/13: Erie County to Host Bi-National Sustainability Summit
8/27/13 8/27/13: Erie County, Tonawanda Collaborate on Road Repair Project
8/26/13 8/26/13: Rabies Vaccine Airdrop Scheduled in Erie and Niagara Counties
8/16/13 8/16/13: Poloncarz Announces September Dates for Free Rabies Clinics
8/14/13 8/14/13: Poloncarz Announces Ratification of Sheriff's PBA Contract
8/13/13 8/13/13: Erie County Unveils K-9 Memorial at Black Rock Park
8/8/13 8/08/13: Poloncarz Thanks Control Board for Transferring Surplus Funds to County
8/5/13 8/05/13: Central Police Services Rejects Comptroller's Audit Findings
7/30/13 7/30/13: Poloncarz, Howard Unveil Medical Waste/Needle Disposal Kiosks
7/26/13 7/26/13: Poloncarz Welcomes New Director of Veterans Services
7/24/13 7/24/13: Erie County, Village of Hamburg Cooperate to Eliminate Sewer Overflows
7/15/13 7/15/13: Poloncarz Statement on Rural/Metro Medical Services Contract Negotiations
7/15/13 7/15/13: Poloncarz Announces $500,000 in County Funds for Darwin Martin House
7/11/13 7/11/13: Poloncarz Administration Responds to 'Deeply Flawed' Temporary Assistance Audit
7/10/13 7/10/13: Erie County, Buffalo Team Up on Kenmore Avenue Road Work
7/2/13 7/02/13: Poloncarz Gets Ready for 2nd Annual Erie County Amateur Golf Championship
6/25/13 6/25/13: Poloncarz, Legislators Announce Funding for Operation Primetime this Summer
6/20/13 6/20/13: WNY Aging Services Providers Awarded Federal Technical Assistance
6/17/13 6/17/13: County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Score Increases Significantly
6/13/13 6/13/13: Poloncarz Announces Comprehensive Economic Development Plan
6/12/13 6/12/13: County to Hold 2nd Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day this Saturday at ECC South
6/11/13 6/11/13: Erie County Brings PGA HOPE to Grover Cleveland Golf Course
6/10/13 6/10/13: Erie County Highway Department Helps Get Ready for Ride for Roswell
6/7/13 6/07/13: Poloncarz Announces Hero Rush this Weekend at Chestnut Ridge Park
6/6/13 6/06/13: Poloncarz Honors 2013 Senior of the Year
6/5/13 6/05/13: Erie County Secures 25 Social Service Fraud Convictions in 2012
6/4/13 6/04/13: Poloncarz Reports on 2012 Minority and Women Vendor Usage
6/3/13 6/03/13: Poloncarz, Officials at Forefront on Foreclosures
5/29/13 5/29/13: Poloncarz Unveils Schedule for 2013 County Highway Projects
5/28/13 5/28/13: Poloncarz, ECC Announce Plans for New Academic Building
5/24/13 5/24/13: Poloncarz Notes that County Beaches and Parks are Ready for Summer
5/23/13 5/23/13: Erie County, Town of Newstead Agree to Park Land Purchase
5/23/13 5/23/13: County Issues New Response to Revised "October Storm Cleanup" Audit
5/21/13 5/21/13: Erie County Proclaims Emergency Medical Services Week
5/17/13 5/17/13: Poloncarz Announces Upcoming Renew Erie County Business Energy Event Focused on Usage, Costs
5/15/13 5/15/13: Erie County Senior Services Calls for Volunteers for Veterans
5/14/13 5/14/13: County, Partners Offer the Stormwater Challenge Contest
5/13/13 5/13/13: County to Hold Hazardous Waste Drop Off Day
5/11/13 5/11/13: Poloncarz, Officials Cut Ribbon on New Black Rock Canal Park
5/10/13 5/10/13: County Receives Grant from NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
5/7/13 5/07/13: Poloncarz Administration Reports Latest Sales Tax Receipts Grow Compared to 2012
5/4/13 5/04/13: Poloncarz, Officials Join in Call for Motorcycle Safety
5/3/13 5/03/13: Poloncarz Salutes Law Enforcement at STOP DWI Awards Breakfast
5/1/13 5/01/13: Erie County Unveils 2014 Cultural Funding Application
4/24/13 4/24/13: Erie County, Partners Team Up to Make Rainwater a Resource
4/23/13 4/23/13: Erie County, Health Care Partners Announce Cancer Study
4/17/13 4/17/13: Poloncarz Announces May Dates for Free Rabies Clinic in Erie County
4/16/13 4/16/13: County Health Department Conducting Pesticide Applicator Certification & Public Health Training
4/12/13 4/12/13: County Anticipates Budget Surplus for Year End 2012
4/11/13 4/11/13: Erie County Golf Courses Gear Up for New Season
4/9/13 4/09/13: Poloncarz Proclaims April as Fair Housing Month
4/5/13 4/05/13: Poloncarz Announces 2013 Erie County Amateur Golf Championships
4/1/13 4/01/13: National Equal Pay Day Spotlights Income Disparity Between Genders
3/28/13 3/28/13: Erie County Sees Rise in Homelessness in 2012
3/27/13 3/27/13: Poloncarz Announces Hazardous Household Waste Drop-off Dates
3/22/13 3/22/13: Poloncarz Announces Conservation District Awarded Grants for Water Protection
3/21/13 3/21/13: Poloncarz Commends Legislature's Approval of Bills' Lease Documents
3/20/13 3/20/13: Poloncarz Announces County Lawsuit Against Federal Mortgage Giants
3/14/13 3/14/13: Poloncarz Issues Response to October Storm Cleanup Audit
3/13/13 3/13/13: Poloncarz Delivers 2013 State of the County Address
3/7/13 3/7/13: Poloncarz Unveils Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan
3/6/13 3/6/13: Erie County Office of the Disabled Helps Spread the Word to End the Word
3/1/13 3/1/13: Poloncarz Joins in Kickoff of Women's History Month
2/27/13 2/27/13: Poloncarz Calls Federal Audit Legally Wrong in Seeking Recovery of $48 Million in October 2006 Disaster Relief
2/19/13 2/19/13: Poloncarz Lauds ECIDA Move to Cobblestone District
2/19/13 2/19/13: ECFSA Approves Erie County's Revised Four Year Financial Plan
2/7/13 2/07/13: Poloncarz Lauds Legislature Approval of Bond Refunding Plan
2/2/13 2/02/13: Poloncarz Statement Regarding Certain Medical Services Provided to County Employees Under Existing Union Contracts
1/30/13 1/30/13: Poloncarz Announces County's New Videoconferencing Capabilities
1/28/13 1/28/13: Poloncarz Notes NYS Executive Budget Proposal's Impact on Erie County
1/26/13 1/26/13: Poloncarz Speaks to Small Business Owners at Straight Talk 2013
1/25/13 1/25/13: Poloncarz Notes County Budget Surplus Projection for 2012
1/24/13 1/24/13: Poloncarz Announces Return of Winterfest to Chestnut Ridge Park
1/24/13 1/24/13: Poloncarz Lauds Legislature's Approval of Bills' MOU
1/16/13 1/16/13: Poloncarz Proclaims January as "Radon Action Month" in Erie County
1/10/13 1/10/13: Poloncarz Reports November 2012 Sales Tax Receipts Show County On-Budget
1/10/13 1/10/13: Visor Cards Help Deaf Drivers Deal With Law Enforcement
1/10/13 1/10/13: Poloncarz Announces January 2013 Date for Free Rabies Clinic in Erie County
1/7/13 1/07/13: County's Long Term Retiree Healthcare Insurance Liability Declines by Nearly $190 Million
1/3/13 1/03/13: In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Snowy Slopes at Chestnut Ridge Draw Big Crowds, National Media