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Legislator Mazur Supports Poloncarz Reinstating Rodent Control Program

            Erie County Legislature Majority Leader Thomas J. Mazur (D-Cheektowaga, Buffalo) joined County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz announcing the re-establishment of the county’s rodent control outreach program March 14.

January 2012 Bee Newspapers column

A dear friend of mine who was home sick with the flu a few years ago claimed she virtually became a recluse in her apartment. She was so sick she avoided all social contacts. She claimed she hadn’t spoken to anyone in a couple of days and was beginning to wonder what her voice sounded like.  As a person who loves to talk, that almost struck me as eerie.

December 2011 Bee Newspapers column

When I was young, my family actually celebrated Christmas Eve more so than Christmas. For us, the vigil, or Wigilia was very special. And, Christmas Eve was more like a day and a half, which doesn’t even count all the prep time involved. This celebration was more than magical for me.

November 2011 Bee Newspapers column

There are a few things that I swore I would never do. But now I have to admit, I’ve done them.  I swore that I would never go from a film camera to a digital one. I switched to digital about ten years ago and it was not because they no longer make Kodachrome. It was simply because film in general was getting more and more difficult to purchase locally.

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New County Legislator Tom Mazur is married with four children and lives in the Town Park area of Cheektowaga.

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