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Ted Morton
District 8

District Office:
Old Erie County Hall
92 Franklin Street
Fourth Floor
Buffalo, N.Y. 14202
Phone: 858-8856
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Op-Ed -- Minimum Wage Hike aimed at Fast-Food Industry Bad for Erie County

Zero. That’s the number of people on Governor Cuomo’s politically appointed fast-food minimum wage board that had any experience operating in the fast-food industry.

Legislator Morton’s petition urging Poloncarz to widen William Street gaining support

Legislator Ted Morton, residents, motorists and business owners have voiced their concern about how narrow William Street is, saying that the road can’t safely handle the current volume of traffic. After repeated attempts urging the County Executive to move forward a plan to widen William Street and make it safer, Legislator Morton launched an online petition to demonstrate the strong public support for this project.

August 2015 Column - Increase in Minimum Wage for Fast-Food Industry Wrong for Erie County

Last week I kicked off my Summer 2015 Business Tour and met with business owners from a variety of industries to talk about their concerns and receive an update on how business is going. Like many of you, we found ourselves talking about the most recent mandate from New York State on small businesses and that is the recommended minimum wage hike for fast food workers to $15. This mandate is not only concern for those in the fast food industry, but all small business owners who wonder if they will be targeted next. 

Erie County, largest Upstate County in New York, opposes Minimum Wage Board’s Recommendation of $15 for fast food workers

Today, the Erie County Legislature opposed the recent recommendation of a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers in New York State by the New York Minimum Wage Board. Per the recommendation, rates would be raised incrementally in New York City, reaching $15 by 2018. Statewide, chains with at least 30 locations would be forced to pay employees a wage of $15 an hour by July 2021. The county resolution was approved 6-5.

Legislator Morton invites County Executive to have open discussion on current status of CPS

After several attempts to make improvements at Erie County’s Child Protective Services Department and still hearing that the same issues remain, Erie County Legislator Ted Morton has invited County Executive Mark Poloncarz to attend a discussion with the Legislature to address the problems.

July 2015 Column - ECC’s tuition increase not a minor issue for many students

Erie Community College students are once again being strapped with a tuition increase. Tuition already went up $300 for full-time students this year and will rise again next year another $300. I join many in the concern that ECC is pricing itself out of business at this rate. I did not support ECC’s 2015-16 budget at the June 25 legislative session.

Legislator Morton responds to County Executive's Letter to the Editor

Legislator Morton's responds to County Executive's letter to the editor, correcting misrepresented facts. 

Legislators Lorigo, Morton look into leasing option to save on county’s vehicle expenses

Erie County Legislature Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo and Legislator Ted Morton have requested that the county thoroughly examine a leasing option for county vehicles to determine if tax dollars could be saved. Recently, Cattaraugus County partnered with a national car rental company to save $700,000 by leasing 70 vehicles through the company. The Legislators are requesting the county look into this option as it determines how to best maintain its large fleet of vehicles.

Legislators disappointed that ECC budget includes tuition hike

Members of the Erie County Legislature are extremely disappointed that the 2015-2016 Erie Community College budget was approved with a $300 tuition hike. Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo, Legislator Ted Morton and Legislator Edward Rath attempted to amend the proposed budget to remove the second consecutive tuition hike. The budget was approved as proposed by a vote of 8-3 with Legislators Lorigo, Morton and Rath voting against.

June 2015 Column - County must reign in spending

We didn’t become one of the highest taxed counties in the country overnight. It happened over time. Unfortunately, now that we top the list, we have to recognize that lowering taxes will also take time but we have to start to reduce spending. Every opportunity for savings has to be considered, even small amounts will add up over time.