Managerial Confidential Positions

Under the proposed 2012 Erie County Budget, the following managerial confidential positions are funded. The transition team for Erie County Executive-Elect Mark C. Poloncarz is accepting cover letters and resumes from interested candidates for the below positions.

County Executive’s Office

Deputy County Executive
Senior Executive Assistant (Chief of Staff)
Senior Executive Assistant (Spokesman)
Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Junior Administrative Consultant (Legislative Liaison)
Junior Administrative Consultant (Intergovernmental Affairs)
Secretary to the County Executive
Secretary to the Deputy County Executive
Director of Workforce Development/Buffalo and Erie County Workforce Investment Board

Division of Budget and Management

Director of Budget and Management
Senior Budget Consultant (Deputy Budget Director)
Management Consultant (Principal)
Management Consultant

Department of Law

County Attorney
First Assistant County Attorney
Second Assistant County Attorney
Assistant County Attorney (11 positions)
Executive Administrative Secretary-Law
Secretary to the County Attorney

Department of Labor Relations

Commissioner of Labor Relations
Deputy Director of Labor Relations
Assistant Director-Labor Relations (PT)

Division of Equal Employment Opportunity

Director of Equal Employment Opportunity

Office of the Disabled

Executive Director, Office for the Disabled

Office of Public Advocacy

Commissioner of Public Advocacy

Division of Purchase

Director of Purchase

Division of Information and Support Services

Chief Information Officer/Director of DISS
Senior Executive Assistant-CE
Director of Central Data Processing
Executive Assistant-County Executive (Budget)

Department of Social Services

First Deputy Commissioner
Director of Legal Affairs

Division of Youth Services

Deputy Commissioner-Youth Services

Department of Senior Services

Commissioner of Senior Services

Department of Health

Commissioner of Health
First Deputy Commissioner-Youth Services (PT)
Executive Assistant
Medical Director Public Health (PT)
Regional Medical Director (PT)
Chief Medical Examiner
Deputy Chief Medical Examiner
Associate Chief Medical Examiner

Veterans Service Office

Veterans Service Officer

Department of Central Police Services

Commissioner of Central Police Services
Secretary to Commissioner of CPS

Department of Probation

Commissioner of Probation
Deputy Director of Probation

Department of Emergency Services

Commissioner of Emergency Services
Deputy Commissioner, Civil Defense and Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Services Consultant (PT)

Department of Environment and Planning

Commissioner of Environment and Planning
Deputy Commissioner, Environmental Compliance
Deputy Commissioner, Planning and Economic Development
Secretary to Commissioner of E&P
Deputy Commissioner, Sewerage Management

Department of Parks and Recreation

Commissioner of Parks and Recreation
Deputy Commissioner of Parks
Secretary to Commissioner of Parks
County Forester

Department of Public Works

Commissioner of Public Works
Deputy Commissioner-Highways
Secretary to Commissioner of DPW
Director of Real Estate/Senior Executive Assistant-CE
Deputy Commissioner, Buildings and Grounds