Clerk Kearns Reminds Drivers of E-ZPass Benefits

Modified: February 5, 2019 4:46pm

March 23, 2018



E-ZPass tags encouraged as Grand Island tolls go cashless


Grand Island, NY- Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns is encouraging drivers to purchase E-ZPass tags, as the Grand Island Bridge toll stops no longer accept cash. Starting Thursday,

March 29th 2018, drivers using the Grand Island Bridge must either use E-ZPass or be mailed a bill to pay their toll fee. 

As previously done, E-ZPass tags will automatically be scanned when crossing the bridge. However, non- E-ZPass drivers will have a photo of their license plate taken, and will be sent a bill for the toll fee within 30 days. The bill will be sent to the drivers address registered with the DMV. 

“I think it’s a positive for the area that the Grand Island tolls will now be cashless,” said Clerk Kearns. “This will save on both time for commuters but also lessen the environmental impact of cars waiting at the toll stops. With that said, it is important for drivers to be aware of this change. Purchasing an E-ZPass will save on the inconvenience of needing to remember to pay a bill nearly a month later. Not only does the E-ZPass save on time, drivers also save money using an E-ZPass tag.”  Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns ecourages drivers to sign up for E-ZPass

E-ZPass tag holders receive a five percent discount at all toll stops along the State Thruway.

E-ZPass tags can be purchased at the Erie County Clerk’s Office downtown, or at any of the Erie County Auto Bureaus for $25. 

After purchasing your tag, visit the E-ZPass® web site Register your Tag* online or call 1-800-697-1554. The full $25.00 is applied respectively to the account once the tag is registered. If linking a credit card to the account, $25 is available for use at tolls. If paying with cash or check, $15 is available for use at tolls and the other $10 is used as a tag deposit. 

** Important- you must register Tag before using. Once registered, tag will be available within 24 - 48 hours for use.