Legislators Lorigo, Greene, Todaro, and Mills pass resolution creating timeline for transparency and public input on new Bills stadium

Modified: October 21, 2021 3:13pm


Erie County Legislators Joe Lorigo, Chris Greene, Frank Todaro, and John Mills passed a resolution establishing a timeline for transparency and public input leading up to a vote on a new Bills stadium.

The resolution passed unanimously Thursday establishes a 30-day deliberation timeline once the proposed stadium lease is clocked in along with three public hearings to be held at SUNY Erie campuses throughout the County. Initially, Legislators Lorigo, Greene, Todaro, and Mills pushed for a 90-day period and 10-day notice for each public hearing, but it was shot down by members of the Democratic Majority Caucus in favor of the shorter time-frame.

Legislator Lorigo said, “I’m disappointed our initial proposal establishing a longer period for public input and deliberation didn’t receive support from my colleagues across the aisle, but I’m glad we ultimately agreed on a resolution advocating for transparency. The process was flawed and rushed the last time we voted on a stadium lease and we can’t let that happen again. This is going to be a big project impacting taxpayers in every area of Erie County. We need to consider our options from all angles and everyone should have the ability to weigh in on a new stadium. I’m proud to have led the push on this effort and look forward to reviewing the stadium proposal once it is submitted.”

Legislator Greene said, “While the window isn’t exactly what we’d hoped for, I’m glad the Legislature agreed on a resolution that gives the public an opportunity to comment on a new stadium. If the Bills are looking for a financial commitment from Erie County, taxpayers deserve to have their voices heard.”

Legislator Todaro said, “The people we represent have a right to know what the new stadium proposal looks like, especially if they’re expected to chip in. This resolution will ultimately allow taxpayers a forum to voice their concerns once the plans are submitted to the Legislature. I would have liked to see support for my initial proposal to give us more time to deliberate, but I believe this is a reasonable compromise and I’m proud we passed this resolution today.”

Legislator Mills said, “I represent Orchard Park where the current Bills stadium sits. Whether the Bills want it to stay here or propose moving it elsewhere in Erie County, it’s going to have a huge economic impact on the community. I believe residents should be able to share their concerns and I’m proud to continue my advocacy for transparency and public input.”


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