Legislators Lorigo, Todaro, Greene, and Mills call for public release of Bills stadium study

Modified: September 17, 2021 2:19pm


Erie County Legislators Joe Lorigo, Frank Todaro, Chris Greene, and John Mills are calling on County Executive Poloncarz, Empire State Development, and the Bills organization to publicly release the study that was conducted regarding a potential new stadium.

The legislators clocked in a resolution Friday morning noting PSE has publicly acknowledged presenting the study to both New York State and Erie County officials. Once the plan is finalized, it will come before the Erie County Legislature for approval. Legislators have not yet been part of any discussion and have not received any communication regarding the study.

Legislator Lorigo said, “This entire process has been conducted behind closed doors. As a legislative body, we will have to approve the final proposal. I believe we deserve a seat at the table during these negotiations and taxpayers deserve to know where the organization stands. I hope my colleagues will support this request for transparency and I will move to vote on this resolution at our next legislative session.”

Legislator Todaro said, “As the oversight body of Erie County government, we will eventually be asked to approve plans for a new stadium. At this point all third party remarks on the stadium project are hearsay until I see the written facts. It’s disrespectful to both legislators and taxpayers to continue to keep these negotiations shrouded in secrecy. We are asking all those involved to be more transparent throughout this process.”

Legislator Mills said, “Right now, the stadium sits in my legislative district. A new facility will undoubtedly impact our community as a whole along with the footprint of ECC South.  It is helpful to us as legislators to be part of the conversation and be aware of where negotiations stand in order to make a decision that serves the people we represent.”

Legislator Greene said, “When conducting a study on a $1.4 billion stadium that could partially be funded by taxpayers, transparency is necessary. The Bills organization, Empire State Development, and the County Executive’s office should be open and honest with what has been discussed so far and what plans look like moving forward. A new stadium will have a lasting impact on our community and we deserve a seat at the table.”


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