Legislature passes Lorigo, Todaro, Greene, and Mills resolution directing County Executive, Pegula Sports and Entertainment, and New York State to release Bills stadium study

Modified: September 23, 2021 3:34pm


The Erie County Legislature voted unanimously in support of a Republican Caucus sponsored resolution directing the County Executive, Pegula Sports and Entertainment, and New York State to release their study regarding a potential new stadium.

However, when discussing an amendment to the resolution, Democrats in the Legislature voted against an additional clause that would require representatives from each legislative caucus be present during negotiations.  Lorigo, Todaro, Greene and Mills voted in support of the measure to have legislative representatives present during meetings between the County and Pegula Sports Entertainment.

Minority Leader Lorigo said, “This is a positive step toward transparency in dealing with a new stadium. Taxpayers we represent deserve to know what’s going on, especially surrounding a project this size that will likely involve public dollars. However, my colleagues across the aisle struck down an amendment I put forth that would require more representation from the Legislature during negotiations. It is our duty as legislators to make decisions that best serve the people we represent. As I’ve said all along, we should have a seat at the table.”

Legislator Greene said, “This is a project that will have a huge economic impact on Erie County and those documents shouldn’t be kept from the public. I am glad we voted in support of this resolution today and would like to see more transparency in this process moving forward. “

Legislator Todaro said, “It doesn’t make sense to conduct these negotiations behind closed doors. As a legislator, I represent tens of thousands of people. Having a seat at the negotiating table gives us an opportunity to relay information to our constituents. I am disappointed my some of my colleagues disagree, but I believe calling for the stadium study to be released publicly is a step in the right direction.”

Legislator Mills said, “The current Bills stadium sits in Orchard Park, which makes up part of my legislative district. Regardless of what the plans are with the new stadium, it will impact ECC South and it will impact taxpayers in this community and beyond. As legislators, we need to know what’s going on before we vote on a final product.”


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