Modified: July 6, 2020 11:47am

July 6, 2020

Erie County Clerk Michael P. Kearns held a press conference to announce Step Two of the Erie County Auto Bureau’s reopening plan. On Wednesday July 8, 2020, the Erie County Auto Bureau will resume administering learner’s permit testing for Class D and Commercial Drivers Licenses at its four open Auto Bureau locations: Southdown’s Auto Bureau (located in the Southgate Plaza); the North towns Auto Bureau (located in the Sheridan Plaza); the Downtown Auto Bureau (located in the Roth Building); and, the Cheektowaga Auto Bureau (located in the Urbandale Plaza).

Message from Clerk Kearns at July 6 Press Conference: 

I.)  Perspective & Gratitude

At the outset of this press conference, I would like to take a moment and highlight the challenges that the Erie County Auto Bureau faced over the past several months. A County Clerk and the Auto Bureau’s 100 employees have never been forced to perform a complete shut-down of their operations. They have never reopened months later under a completely new set of rules.

It’s a challenge and we are facing it head on. To say I’m proud of the hard work our employees have done would be an understatement. I thank them for their dedication to a tough job and persevering through the struggles that come with managing the floodgate of transactions that were on hold for three months and the normal heavy day-to-day volume.

II.)  What’s Next – Reopening Step 2

On Wednesday July 8, 2020 the Erie County Auto Bureau will resume accepting permit applications for Class C (commercial) and D (new drivers, motorcycle) licensing and testing, which will all be conducted by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Permit customers can start making their appointments today, July 6, 2020.  We have received guidance from New York State about how the reopening should appear.

Key points of the guidance are:

  • Both State and County DMV offices are authorized and are recommended to utilize a reservation system. Make your reservation at  
  • Learner’s permit testing transactions will be the only transactions where the applicant may be accompanied by another party, typically a parent or guardian.
  • Customers are reminded to be comply with NY Forward, CDC, and the NY Department of Health guidelines (e.g. - Proper social distancing at all times and use of PPE by all customers).
  • Please bring your own pen to complete any required documents.
  • No children under the age of 16.

III.)  Summary of Current Services

Under Step 2 of the Erie County Auto Bureau’s in-person re-opening plan includes the following transactions, available by APPOINTMEMNT ONLY:

  • Learner’s Permit Testing for Class C (commercial) and D/DJ (New driver and motorcycle)
  • Replace a title
  • Replace lost registration documentation
  • Replace lost registration renewal
  • Registering a vehicle, trailer, or boat
  • Plate surrenders (please utilize drop box at each office. Place in surrender envelope available onsite and FS6T will be mailed to you for you to submit to insurance carrier)
  • Address change to license or registration
  • Pay civil penalties
  • Pay suspension termination fees
  • Pay driver responsibility assessment
  • Request a driver abstract
  • CDL license renewal only
  • Replacement of peeling license plates
  • Registration amendments other than address change
  • License amendment
  • Exchange out of state for New York State license
  • Renew or Upgrade to Real ID/ EDL, Standard Driver license or non-Driver ID

Appointment times vary depending on specific hours of operation at each office.

We ask all customers to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your appointment, and we reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you arrive 15 minutes late.

Please be advised that appointment schedule, appointment hours, and reopening steps may change as we adapt to business conditions.

IV.)  Clerk’s Advice