Kearns Opens Up 700 Additional Auto Bureau Reservations per Week and Offers “Reservation Requests By Mail” Service

Modified: September 15, 2020 11:52am

September 15, 2020

Buffalo, NY – On September 15, Kearns expands the auto bureau reservation system to include seven hundred (700) additional reservations per week. He also is now offering Reservation Requests By Mail to help accommodate those who do not have access to a computer or smart phone to make a reservation.

Despite Covid-19, Kearns has been able to successfully re-open four Auto Bureau Locations in West Seneca (Southgate Plaza), Tonawanda (Sheridan Plaza), Buffalo (Rath Building), and Cheektowaga (Urbandale Plaza). In an effort to keep residents safe and help stop the spread of viruses, Kearns is only able to allow 50% capacity and visit by reservation-only as a result of governor’s state mandate.

Taking into consideration all the residents who were previously unable to utilize the auto bureau during state-mandated closures as well as those currently in need of auto bureau services, Clerk Kearns is adding additional reservations to increase appointment availability.

“We understand the importance of timeliness and safety at the Erie County Auto Bureaus and I am especially grateful to our Auto Bureau Staff for their cooperation and support during these unprecedented times. We are constantly looking at new ways to make improvements and enhance our services”, said Kearns

Upon the re-opening of the Erie County Auto Bureaus, locations are operating by reservation-only. Reservations can be made online at Like most counties, residents are encouraged to visit a library or ask a friend or family member for assistance if they are unable to operate a computer or smart phone. However, those who need assistance in making an appointment can now submit a Reservation Request By Mail. A staff member of the Erie County Clerk’s Office will personally call him/her to set up an appointment and review the documentation needed to complete the transaction.

“Individuals who do not have access to a smart phone or computer seem to take in their information from the newspaper or the news on TV. They also seem to communicate out their own information by telephone or by mail. The Clerk’s Office is constantly trying to improve and modernize our communication tools through our website, email account, and social media pages. However, the Clerk’s Office is here to service all residents of all ages, and circumstances. For that reason, we are offering residents without any of the previously mentioned forms of communication, to contact us with our Reservation Request By Mail form”, said Kearns.

Reservation Requests By Mail forms ask for a name, phone number, location requested and service requested and have all location sites and information listed as well. Residents in need of this assistance can mail it to the Clerk’s Office in a pre-paid green envelope. These forms and envelopes are always available at the Clerk’s Administrative Office (92 Franklin Street), the Outreach Center (Southgate Plaza) and at all open auto bureau locations. Additionally, green envelopes and “Reservation Requests By Mail” forms will be sent to local Town & Village Halls. Community Centers, and Senior Centers who are willing to make these items available to the public.

Kearns wants to remind visitors at the auto bureau to make a reservation, be ready with prepared documents, and renew local (using the pre-paid green envelopes) so we can keep the money in Erie County. When arriving at the auto bureau, it is important that everyone maintain social distancing and wear a mask above their nose and cover their mouth for the entire duration of their visit!