News - 2023

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2/23/2023 Gunman Pleads Guilty for Killing Man on Broadway and Shooting at Responding Buffalo Police Officers
2/22/2023 Springville Woman Indicted on Felony Arson Charge for Setting Fire to Her Apartment Building
2/22/2023 Corner Store Employee Arraigned on Murder Charge for Fatally Shooting His Co-Worker Inside Shop on Broadway
2/22/2023 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty for Attempting to Break Into Cheektowaga Hotel Room to Attack Couple
2/22/2023 Driver Indicted for Fleeing the Scene After Fatally Injuring Pedestrians in Town of Cheektowaga
2/21/2023 Off-Duty Buffalo Police Officer Arraigned on Misdemeanor for Leaving Loaded Handgun Inside Vehicle
2/16/2023 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty for Killing His Girlfriend
2/16/2023 Jury Finds Defendant Guilty of Murder and Gun Charges
2/16/2023 Teen Arraigned on Gun and Assault Charges Related to Triple Shooting Inside Downtown Nightclub
2/16/2023 Buffalo Man to Serve 20 Years in Prison for Fatally Stabbing Victim Inside NFTA Metro Rail Station
2/16/2023 Buffalo Man Indicted for Killing One, Injuring Another Victim in Double Shooting on Kensington Avenue
2/15/2023 Broome County Teen to Serve Life in Prison Without Parole for Killing Ten Victims and Attempting to Kill Three Others in Racially-Motivated Rampage Shooting Attack at Buffalo Supermarket
2/14/2023 Gunman to Serve 15 Years in Prison for Paralyzing Teen in Drive-By Shooting in Town of Amherst
2/10/2023 Teen Pleads Guilty for Shooting Security Officer with Illegal Gun Outside McKinley High School
2/10/2023 Hamburg Man Arraigned on Attempted Murder Charge for Shooting Victim in North Buffalo
2/10/2023 Amherst Man Indicted for the Murder of His Mother
2/9/2023 Two Defendants Arraigned After Drug Trafficking Investigation Uncovers Kilos of Suspects Narcotics and Illegal Guns at Locations in Buffalo and Tonawanda
2/8/2023 Driver Indicted on Criminally Negligent Homicide Charges for Killing Two Passengers in Crash in Town of Lancaster
2/8/2023 Two Defendants Indicted for Assaulting Victim During Home Invasion in Town of Amherst
2/7/2023 Buffalo Man Indicted on Murder and Gun Charges for Fatally Shooting Victim at Stop Light
2/7/2023 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty for Stealing Fire Truck
2/6/2023 Judge Finds Orchard Park Man Guilty of Trespassing on School Property
2/6/2023 Former Canisius College Basketball Recruit Sentenced for Attempted Possession of Illegal Guns
2/6/2023 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Fatally Stabbing Victim While Burglarizing Home in City's Riverside Neighborhood
2/2/2023 Youthful Offender Status Denied for Teen Who Committed Five Armed Robberies Over the Course of Six Months
2/2/2023 Defendant Sentenced for Committing Series of Bank Robberies in South Buffalo
2/1/2023 Roofer Sentenced for Scamming Six Customers in Erie County
2/1/2023 Cattaraugus County Man Sentenced for Attempting to Murder His Girlfriend in the Town of Collins
2/1/2023 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty to Felony Assault Charge for Recklessly Driving Through Police Blockade and Running Over State Trooper
1/31/2023 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Killing Victim Inside Convenience Store in City's Genesee-Moselle Neighborhood
1/31/2023 Former Cheektowaga Man to Serve One Year in Jail for Killing Bicyclist While Driving High on Cannabis
1/31/2023 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty for Fatally Stabbing Victim During Argument in Cheektowaga Parking Lot
1/31/2023 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Felony Charge for Throwing Rock Through Glass Door at US Attorney's Office Building
1/31/2023 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Fatally Shooting Victim in City's Seneca Babcock Neighborhood
1/30/2023 Rochester Man Wanted on Bench Warrant for Slashing Store Clerk's Tires During Blizzard Arraigned for Stabbing Victim in Black Rock
1/30/2023 Sardinia Man Sentenced for Pointing Gun at Erie County Sheriff's Office Deputies Responding to Threat Call
1/30/2023 Former Store Manager Admits to Stealing More Than $66,000 From Her Employer
1/27/2023 Buffalo Woman Arraigned for Harassing Police During Looting Investigation
1/27/2023 Home Improvement Contractor Receives Jail Time for Defrauding Seven Victims in Erie County
1/27/2023 Three Defendants Indicted on Manslaughter Charge for Fatally Injuring Victim in Assault
1/27/2023 Defendant Convicted in Fatal Shooting of Youth Football Coach Sentenced in Separate Criminal Case
1/26/2023 Serial Rapist to Serve 20 Years in Prison for Attacks on Three Women
1/26/2023 Two Defendants Plead Guilty to Disorderly Conduct in Fake Covid-19 Vaccination Card Investigation
1/25/2023 Buffalo Man to Serve 15 Years in Prison for Shooting Victims Outside Downtown Restaurant
1/25/2023 Springville Woman Arraigned on Felony Arson Charge for Setting Fire to Apartment Building
1/24/2023 Registered Sex Offender Pleads Guilty for Committing Sexual Assault
1/24/2023 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty for Attempting to Injure Victim in Shooting in City's Black Rock Neighborhood
1/23/2023 Hamburg Man Indicted on Felony Charges After Probation Officers Find Explosive Devices Inside His Home
1/20/2023 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Kidnapping Woman at Gunpoint from Downtown Parking Lot
1/20/2023 Three Defendants Arraigned on Felony Drug Charges After Search Warrant Uncovers 14 Kilos of Suspected Cocaine
1/20/2023 Williamsville Man Indicted for Shooting Victim and Firing Rifle Inside Clinic on City's West Side
1/20/2023 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty for Burglarizing Two Businesses While Pending Sentence in Diversion Court for Other Burglaries
1/20/2023 Buffalo Woman Arraigned for Possession of Merchandise Stolen from Looted Store During Blizzard
1/19/2023 Buffalo Woman Sentenced on Gun Charges While Homicide of Her Grandmother Remains Under Investigation
1/18/2023 Teens Sentenced for Assaulting Man Inside NFTA Metro Rail Amherst Street Station
1/18/2023 Buffalo Man Arraigned for Killing One, Injuring Another Victim in Double Shooting on Kensington Avenue
1/18/2023 Jury Finds Buffalo Man Guilty of Assaulting His Neighbor
1/18/2023 Jury Finds Driver Guilty for Killing Pedestrian in Hit-and-Run on Broadway in Summer 2017
1/18/2023 Handyman Pleads Guilty for Stealing from Elderly Victim
1/13/2023 Amherst Man Out on Bail in Homicide Case Arraigned for Driving Drunk, Causing Crash in Town of Grand Island
1/11/2023 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Killing Pedestrian in Hit-and-Run in City's Lovejoy Neighborhood
1/11/2023 Three Defendants Arraigned for Separate Looting-Related Crimes Committed in Amherst and Buffalo During Blizzard
1/9/2023 South Buffalo Man Sentenced for Fatally Shooting Victim Inside His Geary Street Apartment
1/9/2023 Buffalo Woman Arraigned for Looting Bailey Avenue Store, Stealing Shoes During Blizzard
1/5/2023 Gunman Sentenced for Killing Victim on Halloween in City's Kensington-Bailey Neighborhood
1/5/2023 Defendant Sentenced for Shooting Victim on Hopkins Street and Possession of Illegal Gun in Separate Incident
1/5/2023 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge After Search Warrant Uncovers Illegal Guns
1/4/2023 Teen Sentenced for Stabbing Another Student Inside Buffalo Culinary Arts School
1/4/2023 Teen Pleads Guilty as Accomplice in Assault and Stabbing of Student Outside of McKinley High School
1/4/2023 Three Defendants Arraigned on Looting-Related Offenses for Separate Crimes Committed in Amherst and Buffalo During Blizzard
1/3/2023 West Falls Man Sentenced for Raping Underage Victim