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12/21/2017 Homeless Man Accused Of Killing Another Homeless Man
12/21/2017 Buffalo Woman Sentenced For Biting Off Ear
12/21/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced In Deadly Anchor Bar Shooting
12/18/2017 Former Bookkeeper Sentenced For Stealing From Plastic Surgeon
12/14/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced On Rape Conviction
12/13/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Fatal Hit-And-Run Crash
12/12/2017 Driver Sentenced For Hit-And-Run Crash
12/11/2017 Cheektowaga Woman Sentenced For Deadly Shooting
12/8/2017 Arraignment For Buffalo Man Accused Of Starting Apartment Fire
12/7/2017 Buffalo Man Accused of Shaking Baby Daughter Is Arraigned
12/7/2017 Hit And Run Driver Sentenced
12/7/2017 Bills "Streaker" Pleads Guilty And Is Banned From Stadium For A Year
12/6/2017 Former Top UB Administrator Is Sentenced For Stealing State Funds
12/4/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced To Prison For Possession Of Cocaine With Intent To Sell
12/1/2017 DA Flynn Consents To Vacate Buffalo Man's Murder Conviction
12/1/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance
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11/29/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Deadly Stabbing
11/29/2017 Town Of Tonawanda Man Pleads Guilty In Death Caused By Opiates
11/28/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Sex Trafficking
11/28/2017 Drunk Driver Sentenced For New Year's Day Crash
11/27/2017 Buffalo Man Accused Of Stabbing Dog Is Indicted On Animal Cruelty Charge
11/27/2017 Buffalo Man Arraigned On Murder Charge In Allentown Shooting
11/27/2017 Buffalo Man Arraigned On Charges In Serious Injury Crash
11/27/2017 17-Year-Old Pleads Guilty In Double Shooting Of Two 16-Year-Olds
11/27/2017 Buffalo Man Arraigned On Murder Charge From June Homicide
11/27/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced On Gun Charge After Leading Police On Car Chase
11/20/2017 Alden Woman Pleads Guilty To Welfare Fraud
11/19/2017 Daughter And Boyfriend Accused Of Murdering Her Father
11/17/2017 Buffalo Woman Indicted In The Death Of Her Former Husband
11/17/2017 Former Teacher Sentenced For Sending Inappropriate Text Messages
11/16/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty After Attempting To Run Down Police Officers With Vehicle
11/15/2017 Cheektowaga Driver Indicted In A Deadly Hit And Run Crash
11/15/2017 Cheektowaga Man Charged In Dollar General Shooting
11/15/2017 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Heroin Trial
11/13/2017 Buffalo Man Accused Of Fatal Shooting In Allentown
11/9/2017 DA Flynn Honors Local Veterans With Donation
11/8/2017 Buffalo Woman Accused In 2005 Stabbing Death Of Her Mother
11/8/2017 Cheektowaga Woman Pleads Guilty In Deadly Shooting
11/8/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Serious Injury Crash
11/6/2017 Buffalo Woman Sentenced In Cold Case From 1983
11/3/2017 Driver In Hit And Run Crash Pleads Guilty
11/2/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Narcotics And Weapon Charges
11/2/2017 Cheektowaga Man Pleads Guilty To Assaulting His Wife
11/2/2017 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty To Welfare Fraud
11/1/2017 Lancaster Man Admits To Selling Cars Illegally
11/1/2017 Tonawanda Woman Admits Stealing From PTA At Lindbergh Elementary
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10/30/2017 Driver Pleads Guilty In Hit And Run Crash
10/26/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Serious Injury Crash
10/24/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking Charges
10/23/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Attempted Robbery At Rail Station
10/20/2017 Guilty Verdict Returned In Drug Trial
10/19/2017 Bank Robber Pleads Guilty To Hold-Up
10/17/2017 Buffalo Woman Convicted Of Manslaughter In Stabbing Death Of Boyfriend
10/16/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Stabbing
10/13/2017 Amherst Man Admits Stealing $318,000 From Medical Facility
10/10/2017 DA Flynn Lights Old County Hall Purple For Domestic Violence Awareness Month
10/6/2017 Hit And Run Driver Pleads Guilty
10/5/2017 East Aurora Man Sentenced For Deadly Shooting
10/5/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Incident With NFTA Officer
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9/26/2017 Armed Robber Sentenced For Three Hold-Ups
9/21/2017 Town Of Boston Man Pleads Guilty To Sexual Conduct Against A Child
9/20/2017 Buffalo Man Going To Prison For Selling Heroin
9/15/2017 Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty In New Year's Day Crash
9/14/2017 Buffalo Couple Charged With Fatal Beating
9/14/2017 Buffalo Heroin Dealer Pleads Guilty
9/13/2017 Twenty-Five To Life Sentence For Convicted Killer
9/13/2017 Guilty Plea In Hit And Run Fatal Crash
9/12/2017 Town of Tonawanda Man Charged With Murder
9/11/2017 Cheektowaga Man Charged With Assaulting His Wife
9/11/2017 West Seneca Man Sentenced For Stealing From Social Club Fundraisers
9/7/2017 Former Top SUNY Buffalo Administrators Charged With More Than $330,000 Theft Of State Funds
9/7/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Zoe Restaurant Shooting
9/6/2017 Reward Of Up To $11,000 Offered To Help Solve Lackawanna Arson
9/6/2017 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty In 34 Year Old Cold Case
9/6/2017 Guilty Plea In Drunk Driving Crash
9/5/2017 Buffalo Man Is Sentenced For Deadly Shooting
9/1/2017 Niagara Falls Man Admits Stealing From Employer
9/1/2017 Buffalo Man Charged In Serious Injury Crash
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8/31/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Possessing Cocaine
8/30/2017 Alleged Driver In Grand Island Hit And Run Case Is Charged
8/30/2017 Drug Dealer Is Sentenced To Shock Incarceration
8/29/2017 Buffalo Police Officer Accused Of Assault During Arrest
8/28/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Gun Possession After Leading Police On Car Chase
8/24/2017 Tonawanda Man Admits Stealing From Bus Company
8/24/2017 Buffalo Teen Sentenced For Sexual Assault
8/24/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Serious Injury Crash
8/22/2017 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Sexual Assault Trial
8/18/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Serious Injury Crash
8/18/2017 Armed Robber Pleads Guilty To Three Hold Ups
8/18/2017 Grand Island Couple Pleads Guilty In Attack On Deputy
8/17/2017 Cheektowaga Woman Sentenced For Tax Scam
8/17/2017 Former Teacher Pleads Guilty To Sending Inappropriate Text Messages
8/17/2017 Driver Charged In Fatal Thruway Crash
8/15/2017 Buffalo Mother Sentenced In Stabbing Death
8/7/2017 Buffalo Men Plead Guilty To Gunpoint Robbery At Amherst Denny's
8/3/2017 East Aurora Man Sentenced On Sex Charge Involving Minor
8/2/2017 Two Drug Dealers In Jail After Selling Fentanyl To Undercover Officers
8/2/2017 Guilty Verdict For Shooting Death From 2008
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7/28/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Shaking Baby And Causing Serious Injuries
7/27/2017 Inmate Arraigned On Murder Indictment In Death Of Innocent Bystander
7/25/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Dealing Heroin Out Of His Home
7/24/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced On Gun And Drug Charges
7/21/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Possessing Fentanyl
7/19/2017 East Aurora Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Shooting
7/13/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced On Gun Charge In Shooting Of 11-Year-Old
7/13/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Raping Two Women
7/7/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced In Deadly Shooting
7/5/2017 Buffalo Man Indicted For Attempting To Assault NFTA Police Officer
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6/30/2017 Town Of Tonawanda Man Indicted For Death Caused By Opiates
6/28/2017 Buffalo Man Admits Shaking Baby And Causing Serious Injuries
6/28/2017 DA Flynn Hails Ride-Hailing In Effort To Stop Drunk Driving
6/27/2017 West Seneca Man Admits Stealing From Social Club Fundraisers
6/23/2017 Drunk Driver Sentenced For Crash That Paralyzed Another Driver
6/23/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Selling Fentanyl/Cocaine Mix
6/22/2017 Home Health Care Aide Sentenced For Stealing From Elderly Client
6/21/2017 Tonawanda Man Sentenced For Killing His Girlfriend
6/20/2017 Gunman Who Shot And Paralyzed Victim Sentenced
6/19/2017 Buffalo Teen Admits To Sexual Assault
6/16/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Double Stabbing
6/15/2017 DA Flynn Joins Push To Help Stop Bike Thefts
6/13/2017 Former Auto Group Comptroller Sentenced For Stealing $4.1 Million
6/13/2017 DA Flynn And Inspector General Announce Arrests In Crackdown On Welfare Fraud
6/12/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Possessing Fentanyl
6/8/2017 Buffalo Man Convicted Of Gun Charge In Shooting Of Eleven-Year-Old
6/8/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Gun And Drug Charges
6/6/2017 Buffalo Man Arraigned On Several Charges In Stabbing Death
6/6/2017 East Aurora Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Charge Involving Minor
6/6/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Shooting
6/2/2017 DA Flynn Joins Local Leaders To Stop Elder Abuse
6/1/2017 DA Launches Police Liaison Program To Enhance Relationship With Law Enforcers
6/1/2017 Two Buffalo Teens Sentenced For Stomping A 64-Year-Old
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5/31/2017 DA Joins Buffalo's Chief Judge In Announcing Country's First Opiate Intervention Court
5/30/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Starting Damaging Fire
5/25/2017 Driver Arraigned On Multiple Counts In New Year's Eve Crash
5/25/2017 Son Sentenced For Beating Death Of His Mother
5/24/2017 Babysitter Arraigned On Murder Indictment In Death Of Toddler
5/23/2017 Buffalo Mother Pleads Guilty In Stabbing Death
5/18/2017 Delevan Man Sentenced To Jail For Deadly Crash
5/17/2017 Eden Man Arraigned On Murder Indictment For The Death Of His Mother
5/16/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Fentanyl/Cocaine Mix
5/12/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Stalking Ex-Girlfriend
5/12/2017 Buffalo Deli Owner Gets Jail Time In Welfare Fraud Case
5/12/2017 Student Gets Jail Sentence For Bringing A Gun To School
5/11/2017 New Task Force Launches In Erie County To Combat Elder Financial Abuse
5/10/2017 Cheektowaga Woman Sentenced For Crash That Injured Three
5/9/2017 Eight Year Sentence For Buffalo Man Caught With Cocaine
5/9/2017 Jail Time For Police Impersonator
5/9/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Double Stabbing
5/5/2017 DA Flynn Adds Diversity To Office With Hires
5/4/2017 Son Arraigned On Murder Charge In Fatal Shooting Of Father
5/4/2017 Heroin Dealer Pleads Guilty to Selling Drugs Out Of His Home
5/4/2017 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Rape Trial
5/3/2017 Probation Given In Election Fraud Case
5/3/2017 Cheektowaga Man Gets 50 Years To Life For Murder Of Girlfriend And Her Young Son
5/2/2017 Former UB Supervisor Gets Jail Time For Bid Rigging Scheme
5/2/2017 Appellate Court Affirms Results In Two High-Profile Cases
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4/24/2017 Buffalo Woman Sentenced In Drunk Driving Crash
4/21/2017 Eden Man In Custody After His Mother Is Found Dead
4/21/2017 Buffalo Man Admits Starting Fire That Caused Millions Of Dollars In Damage
4/19/2017 50 Years to Life For Buffalo Man Who Sexually Assaulted A 10-Year-Old
4/13/2017 Student Admits Bringing Concealed Weapon to School
4/13/2017 Buffalo Deli Owner Pleads Guilty In Welfare Fraud Case
4/12/2017 Buffalo Teen Sentenced in Death of Ohio Man
4/10/2017 Buffalo Teen Admits to Stomping of 64-year-old
4/7/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Training Pit Bulls To Fight
4/7/2017 Two Buffalo Teens Admits To Stomping 64-Year-Old
4/7/2017 Elba Man Sentenced For Raping Females Under Age 16
4/6/2017 Home Health Aide Admits Stealing From Elderly Client
4/6/2017 Cheektowaga Man Admits Stealing $188,000 From Elderly Neighbor
4/6/2017 North Tonawanda Man Admits Stealing From Elderly Woman
4/5/2017 Son Pleads Guilty In Beating Death Of His Mother
4/5/2017 Heroin Dealer Gets Six Year Prison Sentence
4/3/2017 Buffalo Man Indicted On Sex Trafficking Charges
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3/31/2017 Admitted Rapist Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison
3/29/2017 Guilty Plea In Drunk Driving Crash That Paralyzed Man
3/28/2017 Former Comptroller Admits Taking $4.1 Million From Towne Auto Group
3/28/2017 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Stalking Trial
3/27/2017 Cheektowaga Woman Pleads Guilty In Tax Scam
3/24/2017 Buffalo Man Accused Of Killing One, Injuring Three
3/23/2017 Reward Of Up To $11,000 Offered For Help Solving 1982 Homicide
3/22/2017 Ballowe's Request For Early Release From Jail Denied
3/20/2017 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Murder Trial
3/16/2017 Babysitter Charged With Murder In Death Of Marilla Toddler
3/15/2017 Cheektowaga Man Admits Killing His Girlfriend And Her Son
3/13/2017 Warning Issued On Cell Phone Scam
3/10/2017 Adopt-A-School Project Named After Fallen Buffalo Officer
3/9/2017 Sentencing For Buffalo Man Who Strangled Former Girlfriend
3/9/2017 Amherst Man Sentenced For Deadly DWI Crash
3/8/2017 Buffalo Man Off To Prison After Being Caught With Fake Money
3/7/2017 Fleece Jackets Seized During Domestic Incident Donated To Haven House
3/3/2017 Convicted Sex Abuser Gets 50 Years To Life
3/3/2017 Convicted Arsonist Gets Jail Time
3/3/2017 Lackawanna Man Gets Jail Time For Possessing Child Pornography
3/1/2017 Appeal Granted In Kuzdzal Conviction Reversal
3/1/2017 Drug Dealer Gets Seven Year Prison Sentence
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2/27/2017 Buffalo Man Accused Of Being High And Causing A Serious Injury Crash
2/22/2017 Sentencing For Cuban National Caught At Border With Forged Credit Cards
2/21/2017 Embezzling Youth Baseball President Gets Weekends In Jail
2/21/2017 Former UB Supervisor Pleads Guilty To Taking Bribe
2/17/2017 East Aurora Man Indicted For Deadly Shooting
2/16/2017 Community Activist Pleads Guilty To Election Law Violation
2/16/2017 Cheektowaga Woman Pleads Guilty In Crash That Injured Three
2/14/2017 Two Buffalo Men Indicted In Anchor Bar Shooting
2/10/2017 Sentencing For Teen Who Tried To Shoot Buffalo Police Officer
2/8/2017 Buffalo Man Arraigned In Zoe Restaurant Shooting And Three Other Crimes
2/7/2017 Buffalo Man Indicted On Murder Charge For Deadly Shooting
2/7/2017 Guilty Plea In DWI Crash That Injured Two
2/7/2017 Buffalo Man Accused Of Training Pit Bulls To Dogfight
2/6/2017 Buffalo Man Indicted For Deadly Stabbing
2/2/2017 DA's Office Lauded For Recovering Money Lost To Unemployment Fraud
2/1/2017 Former Bookkeeper Admits Stealing From Doctor
2/1/2017 Canadian Man Pleads Guilty In Lottery Scam
2/1/2017 Cheektowaga Man Sentenced In Fatal Beating
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1/31/2017 Fleeing Defendant Pleads Guilty To Rape Charges
1/30/2017 Buffalo Man Indicted On A Murder Charge
1/27/2017 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty In Drunk Driving Crash
1/26/2017 Arcade Man Admits Stealing From Former Employer
1/25/2017 Police Impersonator Pleads Guilty
1/25/2017 Delevan Man Pleads Guilty in Deadly Crash
1/25/2017 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Sexual Abuse Trial
1/25/2017 Cheektowaga Woman Indicted For Murder
1/25/2017 Gun-Toting Defendant Pleads Guilty
1/25/2017 Former Bank Worker Admits Stealing From First Niagara Accounts
1/23/2017 Leader Of Stolen Credit Card Ring Is Sentenced
1/19/2017 Tonawanda Man Sentenced In Boating Crash
1/19/2017 DA Flynn Announces New, Beefed-Up Narcotics Bureau To Fight Opiate Epidemic
1/18/2017 Lackawanna Man Convicted Of Disorderly Conduct On Chippewa
1/18/2017 Defendant Pleads Guilty As Murder Trial Winds Down
1/10/2017 Teen Involved In Fatal Boating Crash Is Sentenced
1/6/2017 Three Teens Indicted For Stomping Of 64-Year-Old
1/4/2017 Cheektowaga Man Charged With Attacking Ex-Girlfriend With Sledgehammer
1/4/2017 Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty And Faces 45 Years In Prison