News - 2014

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12/30/2014 Longtime Prosecutor Retires After Over 25 Years of Service to the Citizens of Erie County
12/22/2014 Domestic Violence Homicide Case Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
12/22/2014 Judge Finds Defendant Not Responsible for Two Murders
12/16/2014 Man Indicted in Town of Cheektowaga Murder
12/16/2014 Faux Lawyer Representing Criminals at Taxpayer Expense Stealing From Taxpayers
12/15/2014 Shooter Convicted as Charged
12/12/2014 Career Criminal Convicted Despite Witness Tampering
12/11/2014 Vietnamese Immigrant Killed by Drug Addled Driver
12/11/2014 Drunk Driver Seriously Injures Innocent Motorist
12/11/2014 Lightning may not strike twice, but gun convictions do.
12/10/2014 Gun Toting Thug Thinks Better of Gunfight with Police
12/10/2014 Teenage Thugs who Targeted Canisius College Students Brought to Justice
12/4/2014 Man Convicted of Robbing Customers at a Buffalo Cricket Wireless Store
11/25/2014 Hit & Run Driver Indicted
11/25/2014 Bumpers Busted in Black Rock
11/13/2014 Armed Thug Convicted of Maiming Victim and Facing Mandatory Imprisonment Allowed to Remain Free
11/13/2014 Narcotics Wholesaler and Career Criminal Convicted as Charged
11/13/2014 Witness Intimidation Efforts Fail, Thug Convicted as Charged
11/13/2014 Woman Accused of Stealing over $50,000 from Catholic Church
11/12/2014 Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty As Charged
11/10/2014 Drug Dealer’s Deceit Doesn’t Dupe Jury
11/7/2014 Police Successfully Thwart Home Invasion
11/3/2014 Reckless Driver Faces More Jail Time
10/31/2014 Defendant Convicted As Charged of Murder and Arson
10/31/2014 Five Strikes and You’re Out
10/30/2014 Gun Ransoming Recidivist Convicted as Charged
10/24/2014 Three More Defendants Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law for Illegally Possessing Handguns
10/23/2014 Buffalo Police Officer Indicted for Stealing
10/20/2014 Drug Court Used to Court Customers
10/20/2014 Rent-A-Center Robber Retired
10/17/2014 After Hiding and Running, Defendant Learns He Cannot Outrun the Long Arm of the Law
10/10/2014 Three More Gun Toting Thugs Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
10/9/2014 Hit-and-Run Driver Pleads Guilty As Charged
10/9/2014 Gunman Admits Shooting at Deputies
10/8/2014 Witness Intimidation Efforts Fail as Jury Convicts Gunman in Brutal Triple Shooting
10/7/2014 Degenerate Convicted As Charged
10/7/2014 Defendant Entrusted with Serving the Poor Steals from Them
10/6/2014 Jury Doesn’t Buy Manufactured Defense
10/6/2014 More Victims Discovered in Ongoing Investigation of Crooked Jeweler
10/6/2014 Defendant Rapes His Daughter
10/3/2014 Assiduous Probe Results in First Conviction of its Kind
10/3/2014 Plastered Parent Convicted Under Leandra’s Law
10/3/2014 Bellicose Boozer Convicted as Charged
10/2/2014 Jury Finds it Easy to Reject Tale of BZ
9/24/2014 Seven Strikes and You’re Out?
9/23/2014 No Rest in the Fight Against Gun Toting Thugs
9/22/2014 Murder Indictment for Buffalo Man
9/22/2014 Elmwood Village Serial Rapist Convicted as Charged
9/19/2014 Matthew Kuzdzal Convicted of Murder and Sexual Assault of 5 Year-Old Eain Brooks
9/18/2014 Hamburg School Superintendent Admits to Falsely Reporting an Incident
9/17/2014 East Side Buffalo Man Charged With Murder
9/15/2014 Three Times Not a Charm for Driver Three Sheets to the Wind
9/12/2014 Three Plead Guilty as Charged in $1.3 Million Trading Card Theft
9/11/2014 Health Aide Helps Herself to Victim’s Money
9/11/2014 No Plea Bargains for Defendants Who Possess and Sell Illegal Guns
9/11/2014 Buffalo Man Charged With Seven Counts of Animal Fighting
9/9/2014 83 Year-Old Wife Charged with Killing Husband
9/9/2014 Ink Barely Dry on Prior Conviction Before Allegedly Drunk Driver Arrested Again
9/9/2014 Former Jail Deputy Convicted for Delivering Weed to the Joint
9/8/2014 Delicatessen Owner Convicted of Fraud
9/8/2014 Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice for Domestic Violence Offender
9/4/2014 Pedophile Convicted As Charged
9/3/2014 Two-Time Violent Felon Commits Six More Violent Felonies and Tries His Hand at Lawyering
8/27/2014 Man Who Allegedly Shot 4 Teenage Boys Indicted for Murder
8/27/2014 "Little D" Going to "Big P"
8/26/2014 Will Conviction 39 Be Enough to Merit Time?
8/25/2014 New Charges Filed Against Molly's Pub Manager
8/21/2014 Defendants who Kidnapped and Tortured Victim, as they Accused Him of Being an Informant, Convicted as Charged
8/19/2014 Gun Hiding Stoner and Gun Toting Thug Off to Prison
8/19/2014 Relentless Heroin Dealer Convicted as Charged
8/19/2014 Former Wrestling Coach Guilty of Raping Two Juveniles
8/19/2014 Cartagena Convicted of Remaining Charges
8/14/2014 Buffalo Attorney Admits to Embezzling From Clients
8/11/2014 Two More Gun Toting Thugs Off to Prison
8/1/2014 Nearly Three Year Quest for Justice Ends in Conviction
7/31/2014 Safe Act and Long Arm of the Law Catch Up with Absconding Mushroom Dealer
7/31/2014 Career Criminal Tries Sabotaging Trial, Still Gets Convicted
7/28/2014 District Attorney Releases Statement Regarding Moreland Commission
7/25/2014 Parolee Loses His Heroin and His Freedom
7/24/2014 Molly's Pub Manager Indicted for Attempted Murder
7/23/2014 East Aurora Man Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Assault
7/22/2014 Serial Burglar Brought to Justice
7/22/2014 Buffalo Man Charged With Felony DWI in Incident on Thruway in Cheektowaga
7/21/2014 Arraignment Next Week for Man Accused in Allen Street Shooting
7/21/2014 Convenience Store Serial Robber Convicted as Charged
7/18/2014 Son to be Charged with Murder in Death of His Father
7/17/2014 Driving Drunk in the Morning Leads to Felony DWI Charges
7/11/2014 Brothers Accused of Siphoning Sales Tax From Gasoline Sales
7/2/2014 Pedophile Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
6/30/2014 Another Four Defendants Convicted of Illegally Possessing a Firearm
6/30/2014 Defendant Found Guilty of Murder in Drive-By Shooting
6/27/2014 St. Patrick’s Day Attack Finally Ends in Conviction
6/26/2014 Man Who Shot at Sheriff's Deputies Charged with Attempted Murder
6/26/2014 Trusted Bookkeeper Embezzles From Physician
6/25/2014 Woman Accused of Murdering Her 8 Year-Old Son Charged
6/23/2014 Shooting on C Street Leads to Murder Charges
6/23/2014 “Master Manipulator” to Stay in Prison
6/19/2014 Five Killers to Stay in Prison
6/18/2014 Three Convictions for Financial Elder Abuse This Week Alone
6/17/2014 Road Rage Stabber Convicted
6/11/2014 Nurse Living With Violent Parolee Pleads Guilty to Narcotics Felonies in the Midst of Jury Trial
6/9/2014 Burglar Convicted
6/9/2014 Four More Defendants Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
6/5/2014 Fourth Conviction for Belligerent Drunken Driver
6/5/2014 Defendant Commits Second Violent Felony While Out on Bail for First Violent Felony
6/5/2014 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and Neither Will Defendant
5/28/2014 Will Freedom Finally be Deprived after Conviction for Felony Number Five?
5/28/2014 Three Times a Charm for Burglar Who Gambled He Could Get Away It
5/20/2014 Reeds Robber Remanded
5/16/2014 Will Convictions 36-38 be Enough to Seal Defendant’s Fate?
5/15/2014 Deceitful Daughter Defrauds Declining Father
5/13/2014 Shifty Slasher Faces Stiff Sentence
5/13/2014 Misogynist Menace Sent Up the River
5/12/2014 Armed Robbery While Out On the Lam Lands Hooligan Ham in a Jam
5/9/2014 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Murder Charges
5/9/2014 Bauble Bandit Buckles
5/7/2014 Three More Hoodlums off the Street and in the Clink
5/6/2014 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Murder Charges
5/5/2014 Career Criminal Throws in the Towel after Eight Years of Crying Foul
4/30/2014 Defendant Pitches for Leniency but Strikes Out with Judge
4/30/2014 Break-in by Thug Boyfriend Results in Miscarriage
4/30/2014 Cable Guy, City Camera, and Consent to Search Result in Gun Convictions
4/28/2014 Unscrupulous Undertaker Swindles Again
4/28/2014 Defendant’s Delinquent Driving Not to be Deterred
4/25/2014 Bush Gardens Grifter Could Face an Extended Ride
4/25/2014 Hit and Run Fraudster Brought to Justice
4/24/2014 Jury Doesn’t Buy Tinkle Defense
4/24/2014 Mother’s Day Likely to be Awkward for Depew Family
4/23/2014 Bad Week for the Bad Guys
4/23/2014 Kiddie Porn Pervert to Face Judge
4/16/2014 Cheektowaga Councilman Pleads Guilty to Illegally Collecting Unemployment Benefits
4/15/2014 Local Attorney Disbarred After Pleading to Grand Larceny
4/14/2014 Randy Rambo’s Rendezvous Ruined
4/11/2014 District Attorney's Office Releases Statement Concerning the Death of Richard Metcalf, Jr.
4/11/2014 Our Tax Dollars Hard at Work
4/8/2014 Disturbed Defendant Disarmed
4/4/2014 New Year's Ride Bumpier Than Expected
4/4/2014 Relentless Riverside Robber Repents
3/31/2014 Defendant Didn't Get a Break Today
3/31/2014 Strip Club Patron Wouldn’t Leave Without His Hummer
3/27/2014 Guilty Plea Entered in Pistol Packing Pinhead’s Preposterous Plot to Pilfer Pizzeria
3/26/2014 Bat-Wielding Bully Backs Down
3/26/2014 Defendant Going to the Can for Robbing Dan the Man
3/25/2014 Buffalo Man Convicted of Assault in August 2013 Shooting
3/24/2014 Degenerate Defendant Denied
3/24/2014 Conviction in Brutal Child Murder Case Upheld
3/21/2014 Drug Trafficker Tagged by GPS Device Pleads Guilty to Heroin Possession
3/21/2014 Another Killer Brought to Justice
3/14/2014 Lightning Strikes Twice for Drunk Driver
3/14/2014 Contents of Mason Jars Get Defendant in Jam
3/14/2014 Home Invader with a Habit Pleads Guilty
3/14/2014 Child Abuser Awaits Sentence
3/11/2014 Benz Buying Burglar Tries to Browbeat Victim
3/7/2014 Misogynist Menace Convicted as Charged
3/6/2014 Sexual Predator of Children Convicted as Charged
3/3/2014 Malevolent Misogynist Merits the Maximum
2/28/2014 Lackawanna Man Arraigned in Fatal Stabbing of Woman
2/28/2014 Fake Leg Turns Out to be Real Gun
2/28/2014 Career Criminal Suggests Alternative to Incarceration
2/28/2014 Three Men Plead Guilty to Burglary and Robbery at Our Lady of Charity Parish in Buffalo
2/26/2014 Stabbing Death Leads to Murder Charges
2/19/2014 No Plea Bargain for Hydrocodone Dealer
2/10/2014 Man Involved in Crash that Killed the West Seneca Democratic Chairman Charged
2/5/2014 Drug Treatment Program for Man Convicted of 13 Felonies in the Last 2 Years
2/5/2014 No Plea Bargain for Bank Robber and Prior Felon
2/5/2014 Defendant Pleads Guilty in Home Invasion
2/5/2014 Sexual Predator Finally Gets Smoked
2/4/2014 5 More Gun-Toting Thugs Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
2/4/2014 1 1/2 Hour Deliberation Enough to Convict Man of Burglary and Related Charges
2/3/2014 Erie County Prosecutors Honored
2/3/2014 Suspect in Burglary Ring Pleads Guilty in Southtowns Break-ins
2/3/2014 Father and Son Team Plead Guilty to Burglary in East Amherst
1/29/2014 Man Admits Stealing $160,000 in Metal From Employer
1/21/2014 Flight from Police and Fight with Police Doesn’t Work Out Well for Parolee
1/17/2014 Home Invasion in Aftermath of Wrongful Acquittal
1/17/2014 Marijuana Dealer Goes Up In Smoke
1/16/2014 Jury Not Duped Despite Prosecution’s Hands Being Tied
1/15/2014 Despite Witness Tampering & Threats to Prosecutors, Two-Time Felon Convicted Again
1/15/2014 No Pleas for Criminals with Handguns
1/13/2014 No Plea Deal for Gun-Toting Thug
1/9/2014 No Plea Bargain for Gun-Toting Prior Felon
1/9/2014 No Plea Bargain for Allentown Menace
1/6/2014 Southtowns Burglar Pleads Guilty to Multiple Residential Burglaries
1/6/2014 Alleged Robber Chooses Victims Unwisely
1/2/2014 Hammer-Wielding Defendant Hammered by Judge