News - 2013

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12/27/2013 High Speed Chase Through Buffalo Leads to Multiple Charges
12/27/2013 Woman Charged with Conspiracy and Hindering Prosecution
12/20/2013 Man Accused of Pushing Another Man to His Death
12/20/2013 Fake Family Friend Fleeces Elderly Victim
12/18/2013 Victim Turns Tables on Villain
12/18/2013 Lightning Strikes Twice for Gun Toting Thug
12/18/2013 Jury Convicts Three Men of First Degree Robbery
12/18/2013 Two Heroin Traffickers Plead Guilty to Felony Drug Charges
12/17/2013 Facebook Friends are Felonious Fiends
12/17/2013 Man Who Stabs Girlfriend Sentenced
12/17/2013 Jealous ex-boyfriend and his two friends admit to robbing/assaulting victim
12/16/2013 Robber admits to holding-up three men in Buffalo
12/10/2013 District Attorney Announced Three More Convictions for the Illegal Possession of Handguns.
12/4/2013 Burglar of County Executive’s Home Pleads Guilty
12/4/2013 Two More Illegal Weapons Convictions
12/3/2013 Holiday Season Kicks Off With 5 Gun Toting Thugs Being Convicted as Charged.
11/26/2013 Professional Thief Steals Again…and Gets Caught Again
11/26/2013 Driving Drunk in Orchard Park Leads to Conviction of Buffalo Man
11/22/2013 Ten Years Too Late for Unlicensed Driver
11/22/2013 Woman Pleads Guilty to Skimming From Sales
11/20/2013 Falling Asleep at the Wheel Leads to a One-Year Jail Sentence
11/20/2013 DA Sedita Releases Statement Regarding the Indictment of Michael Rodriguez
11/18/2013 Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III announced the following Leandra’s Law Case
11/15/2013 Buffalo Man Charged in Burglary and Intimidation Case
11/14/2013 West Side Man Charged in Metrorail Station Stabbing
11/12/2013 Grand Jury Indicts Buffalo Man in the Murder of 5 Year-old Eain Brooks
11/12/2013 East Aurora Man Charged in the Hamburg Toys-R-Us Murder
11/12/2013 Three Charged in Robbery at Our Lady of Charity in Buffalo
11/4/2013 Woman Charged with Murder in Stabbing Death near Medical Campus
11/1/2013 Buffalo Man To Be Arraigned on Murder Charge
11/1/2013 Fillmore Man Arraigned on Weapons Charges
10/30/2013 Buffalo Man Charged in Rape and Murder of 13 Year-old Girl
10/30/2013 Another Defendant Found Guilty of Witness Intimidation and Tampering
10/25/2013 Parisi Prosecutes Pistol Packing Punk on Probation
10/23/2013 Two Arraigned in Southtowns Home Burglaries
10/21/2013 Buffalo Man Charged in the Murder of Two Victims on August 9 and 10 of This Year
10/21/2013 Nine Teenage Hooligans Plead Guilty to Feloniously Assaulting Good Samaritan.
10/21/2013 Intent on Killing Unarmed Victim, Teenage Thug Thwarted by his Thoughtlessness
10/17/2013 Yogi Not the Smartest Bear After All
10/15/2013 Two Men Plead Guilty to Robbery at Boulevard Mall Parking Lot
10/11/2013 Domestic Violence Offender Convicted as Law Enforcement Community Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month
10/10/2013 Murder, Gun Possession, and Witness Intimidation All Result in Criminal Convictions
10/10/2013 Bookkeeper at Andrews Jewelers Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny
10/9/2013 Drunk Driver Admits to Killing His Passenger After Crashing His Vehicle on Elm St. On-ramp of Kensington Expressway
10/8/2013 Woman Steals over $700,000 from Employer
10/1/2013 Jury Convicts Man of Robbing a 7-11 Store in University Heights
10/1/2013 Drunk Driver Tries His Hand at Burglary with Same Predictable Result
9/27/2013 Serial Burglars in Buffalo and Amherst Convicted as Charged & Headed to Jail.
9/26/2013 Mother Bilks Daughter; Phony Landlord Also Convicted as Charged
9/20/2013 Shootings Down 38% in City of Buffalo as September Continues to be Painful Month for Armed Thugs
9/19/2013 Thick-Headed Thugs Get Shot and Convicted
9/19/2013 Pedophile Pleads Guilty
9/19/2013 Yet Another Senseless Death Caused By a Drunk Driver
9/11/2013 Holding Center Deputies Exonerated as Fibbing Felon Brought to Justice
9/6/2013 Freedom Fleeting for Fleeing Felon
8/28/2013 Lightning Strikes Thrice for Gun-Toting Drug Dealer
8/23/2013 Innocent Man Exonerated While Guilty Party Convicted
8/21/2013 Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III announced the following Leandra’s Law Case:
8/21/2013 Woman Pleads Guilty to Supporting Her Drug Habit by Stealing Funds for Our Troops
8/21/2013 Eight Year Sentence for West Side Burglar
8/20/2013 Tax Dodger becomes Jail Dodger
8/20/2013 Man Charged with Vehicular Assault After Hitting Motorcycle in Williamsville
8/20/2013 Career Criminal Receives Max for Heinous Home Invasion
8/19/2013 Knife Wielding Thug Pleads Guilty
8/15/2013 Cyborg Loathing Lecher Returning to Jail
8/15/2013 Home-Invading Rapist Convicted as Charged
8/13/2013 Man Pleads Guilty in Attempted Downtown Shooting
8/2/2013 Another Hooligan Seeking to do Life on the Installment Plan Convicted After Trial
7/31/2013 Christmas-time Burglar Convicted
7/30/2013 Pack of Predators Pleads Guilty
7/30/2013 Two Gun Possession Incidents Leads to Guilty Plea
7/30/2013 Dyngus Day Drunk Responsible for Highway Mayhem
7/29/2013 West Seneca Man Pleads Guilty to Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Assault
7/29/2013 Buffalo City Court’s Revolving Door Slammed Shut
7/29/2013 Attempted Getaway and Repeated Defiance Finally Land Defendant in Jail
7/24/2013 Barkeep Turns Out to be Tax Cheat
7/24/2013 Faculty Member Exposed
7/23/2013 Twitter Tantrum Turns Tragic
7/23/2013 Bookkeeper Pleads Guilty to Stealing From Employer
7/22/2013 Alleged Murderer Indicted by Grand Jury
7/17/2013 Gunpoint Robbery Leads to Murder
7/17/2013 DA Investigation Exonerates Innocent Man
7/16/2013 Lackawanna Man On The Road to Third DWI Conviction
7/12/2013 Pilfering Postman Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
6/28/2013 Rapist Not Laughing Now
6/28/2013 Home Invader Indicted by Grand Jury
6/27/2013 Disproportionate Response to Disrespectful Look Results in Ex-Con’s Swift Conviction
6/27/2013 Convictions Upheld by Appellate Division
6/26/2013 Dogged Pursuit of Craig’s List Robber Results in Successful Prosecution
6/26/2013 Crack Dealer’s Second Career as Armed Robber Comes to Grinding, Screeching Halt
6/25/2013 Revolving Door Finally Slams Shut on One Man Crime Wave
6/24/2013 Rapist’s Conviction Upheld on Appeal
6/24/2013 Skimming Secretary Convicted of Grand Larceny
6/24/2013 Two Down, One to Go
6/14/2013 Trusted Teacher Exposed as Conniving Crook
6/14/2013 Third Time Not a Charm for Embezzling, Tax-Dodging Bookkeeper
6/13/2013 Judge Slams the Door on Career Criminal
6/12/2013 Third Time Not a Charm for Soused Driver
6/10/2013 Fool the Court Once, Get a Program; Fool the Court Twice, Go to Jail
6/7/2013 Buffalo Teen Pleads Guilty to Murder in the Second Degree
6/5/2013 Defendant’s Love For Guns Will Return Him to State Prison
6/5/2013 Big Gulps Land Robber in Big Trouble
6/5/2013 Depew Woman Pleads Guilty to Selling a Controlled Substance Near Elementary School
6/4/2013 Man Who Stabs Wife in Wegmans Sentenced After Pleading Guilty to Attempted Murder.
6/4/2013 West Side Man Charged with Murder
6/4/2013 Sexual Predator Sentenced to State Prison
6/4/2013 Home Invasion Trio Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
6/3/2013 Man who Backed Out of Guilty Plea Found Guilty by Jury
5/31/2013 Burglary Ring Foiled: Members Plead Guilty as Charged
5/31/2013 Defendant Admits to Dealing Drugs in the Presence of her Children
5/29/2013 Embezzling, Tax-Dodging Lawyer Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
5/28/2013 Two Charged With Intimidating and Tampering With a Witness
5/24/2013 West Seneca Man Charged With Killing Mother
5/24/2013 Property Manager Runs Off with the Rent and Rolls the Dice
5/24/2013 Jury Finds Man Guilty of Criminal Possession of a Weapon After a Four-Day Trial
5/23/2013 Grand Jury Returns Multi-Count Indictment in Serial Robberies and Murder
5/23/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Possession of Loaded Pistol
5/22/2013 Gun-Toting Drug Dealer Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
5/17/2013 North Tonawanda Man Convicted of Vehicular Assault in Drunk Driving Case
5/15/2013 Defendant Convicted in Another Leandra’s Law case
5/10/2013 Jury Convicts Man of Assault in Case of Witness Intimidation
5/10/2013 Teen Charged in Murder of 96 Year-old Man
5/9/2013 Man To Be Arraigned on Three Residential Burglary Charges
5/9/2013 Defendants Convicted in Prostitution/Extortion Scam
5/8/2013 Mother Indicted in Death of 8 Year-old Daughter
5/6/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Lackawanna Burglary
5/2/2013 Convicted Rapist Pleads Guilty to Failing to Register as a Sex Offender
5/1/2013 Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Sex Crime Against Infant
4/30/2013 Orchard Park Man Pleads Guilty to Burglarizing Eight Businesses
4/29/2013 Bookkeeper Admits to Stealing Approximately $1,300,000 From Employer
4/29/2013 Buffalo Teen Pleads Guilty to Aggravated Cruelty to Animals
4/26/2013 Jury Convicts Lifetime Criminal of Robbery and Weapons Charges
4/25/2013 Career Thief Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny and Attempted Burglary Charges
4/24/2013 Fredonia Man Pleads Guilty to Buffalo Burglary and Robbery
4/23/2013 Man Pleads to Criminal Weapons Possession Charge
4/23/2013 Two Charged With the Murder of 96 Year-Old Man
4/19/2013 Woman With Prior DWI Charged With 2 Counts of Felony DWI
4/17/2013 Man Who Ambushed Family in Their Apartment Pleads Guilty to Burglary
4/15/2013 Two Buffalo Men Plead Guilty to Robbing Three Victims
4/12/2013 Multi-Agency Investigation Leads to Conviction on Forgery and Other Charges
4/11/2013 Another Criminal Weapons Conviction for DA's Office
4/11/2013 Fifth Conviction This Week Alone for Felony Handgun Possession
4/10/2013 Career Criminal Pleads Guilty to Possessing Gun
4/10/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Weapons Possession
4/10/2013 Man Pleads Guilty to Criminal Possession of a Weapon After a Months Long Manhunt
4/4/2013 Man Charged with Robbing 7-Eleven Convenience Stores
4/4/2013 Man Who Stabs Wife in Wegmans Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder
4/3/2013 Antoine Garner, Indicted on Multiple Felony Cases, Pleads Guilty to Charges
3/28/2013 Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III announced the following Leandra’s Law Case
3/27/2013 Buffalo Man Convicted by Jury of Criminal Possession of a Weapon
3/27/2013 Another Domestic Violence Offender Convicted as Charged
3/26/2013 Akron Man Pleads Guilty to Felony DWI
3/26/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Robbery at a West Side McDonalds
3/25/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Running Down Three Pedestrians in Parking Ramp
3/25/2013 Teen Pleads Guilty in BB Gun Shooting
3/22/2013 Grand Jury Indicts Three Murder Cases
3/20/2013 Grand Jury Accuses Buffalo Man of Robbery and Assault
3/18/2013 Three Homicide Convictions Upheld by Appellate Division
3/15/2013 Orchard Park Woman Charged with Felony DWI
3/8/2013 Jury Convicts Man of Rape and Course of Sexual Conduct Against a Child Charges
3/8/2013 Grand Jury Indicts Buffalo Man for Murder
3/7/2013 Buffalo Man Indicted on Murder and Attempted Murder Charges
3/6/2013 Two Charged with Attempted Kidnapping on Richfield Avenue in Buffalo
3/6/2013 Brant Woman Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter
3/5/2013 Depew Woman Indicted on Charges of Selling Controlled Narcotic Near Cheektowaga Central High School
3/1/2013 Man Admits to Robbing 5 University at Buffalo Students in 2 Separate Incidents
2/26/2013 District Attorney Sedita's Statement Regarding Confessed Killer Josue Ortiz
2/25/2013 Syracuse Man Charged With Robbery at Boulevard Mall
2/25/2013 Buffalo Community Activist Sentenced to Jail Time
2/21/2013 New Tactical Prosecution Unit Unveiled by District Attorney
2/21/2013 Parolee Nabbed With Loaded Gun Convicted by Judge
2/19/2013 Man Faces 25 Years in Prison After Pleading Guilty to Criminal Sexual Act Charge
2/19/2013 Graffiti Vandal Pleads Guilty to Felony Charges
2/15/2013 Convicted Murderer Loses Appeal
2/15/2013 Defendant in the Case of 5 Armed Robberies Pleads Guilty
2/15/2013 DA Continues to Fight Frivolous Appeals
2/14/2013 Wegmans Purse Snatcher Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny Charges
2/14/2013 Appeals Panel Upholds Conviction of Disbarred Attorney
2/11/2013 Three Charged in Buffalo Home Invasion
2/11/2013 Man Takes Plea in Juvenile Rape and Sodomy Case
2/8/2013 Three Charged in Attempted Murder and Perjury Case of a U.S. Army Private
2/6/2013 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Charges Relating to Three Residential Burglaries
2/4/2013 Prior Felon Admits to Possessing a Loaded Pistol
2/4/2013 Owner of Buffalo Used Car Dealership Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny
1/31/2013 Man Who Strangles and Assaults Pregnant Girlfriend Found Guilty
1/31/2013 Murder Conviction Handed Down by Jury
1/28/2013 Buffalo Woman Pleaded Guilty to Charges Relating to Hit and Run on Delaware and West Utica in the City
1/25/2013 Prior DWI Offender Again Charged with Felony DWI
1/23/2013 Nursing Home Resident Charged With Manslaughter
1/22/2013 Jury Convicts Man of Criminal Possession of a 357 Magnum Revolver
1/18/2013 Alden Social Studies Teacher Pleads Guilty to Endangering the Welfare of a Child
1/18/2013 Bank Robber Pleads Guilty to Robbery of Evans National Bank in Amherst
1/18/2013 Jury Convicts Buffalo Man of Criminal Possession of a Weapon
1/16/2013 Prosecution Fights Off Claims of Incompetence and Lack of Integrity; Achieves Conviction
1/15/2013 Tonawanda Man Charged With Murder
1/14/2013 Robbery of Pizza Delivery Driver Leads to Guilty Plea
1/14/2013 Man Who Intentionally Drove Into Fire Station Pleads Guilty
1/10/2013 Man Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing 2 Minors
1/10/2013 Motorcyclist Who Killed 2 Women on an Amherst Bike Path Pleads Guilty