2017 Rain Barrel Painting Contest Winners!

Modified: April 27, 2017 10:48am

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Congrats to all the winning schools!

Elementary Grades K-4:

1st Place – Forest Elementary School (Teacher: Beth Aschbacher)

2nd Place – Wales Primary School (Teacher: Susan Lasky)

3rd Place – Elma Primary School (Teacher: Susan Lasky)

Honorable Mention – Ledgeview Elementary School (Teacher: Kathryn Greene)

Honorable Mention – Riverview Elementary School (Teacher: Carrie Oliver)

Middle School Grades 5-8:

1st Place – Charter Middle School For Applied Technologies (Teacher: Valerie Fiore)

2nd Place – Heim Middle School (Teacher: Denise Woods)

3rd Place – Cheektowaga Central Middle School (Teacher: Tiffany VanDerBeck)

Honorable Mention – Stella Niagara Education Park (Teachers: Susan Sinski and Patrick Liuzzi)

High School Grades 9-12:

1st Place – Buffalo Academy Of Science Charter School (Teacher: Adam Rivers)

2nd Place – Depew High School (Teacher: Lori Bodgan)

3rd Place – Springville Griffith Institute (Teacher: Christy Komenda)

Honorable Mention – Niagara Falls High School (Teacher: Michele O’Connor)

For more information about the 2017 contest results please visit: The Erie County Executive's Press Release

Click here for more information about the Rain Barrel Painting Contest

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