Annual Conservation Tree & Shrub Seedling Sale from the EC Soil & Water District

Modified: February 12, 2018 10:56am

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Order forms for the 2017 Conservation Tree and Shrub Seedling Sale are now available from Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District.


The Conservation Tree and Shrub Seedling Program is an annual sale of deciduous and conifer seedlings and conifer transplants for the conservation of natural resources and for the enhancement of forestry, wildlife habitat and economic development in Erie County.

The District is offering many varieties of conservation trees and shrubs, wildflower seed mixes, and seedling packets which have combinations of trees and shrubs chosen to attract, feed and shelter birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Landowners can practice conservation by planting seedlings and wildflowers to provide wildlife food and habitat, shelter crops and landscape, reduce heating/cooling expenses, protect water quality, reduce air pollution, and stabilize erodible land.

Seedlings are also an inexpensive alternative for replacing trees that have been damaged or lost.

Thirty-seven species of trees and shrubs are available this year. The one-to-three-year-old bare root seedlings, which range in size from 6 to 24 inches, are available in lots of 10 to 500. The District is offering an expanded selection of four-year-old evergreen transplants which are more mature trees with thicker stems, more branching and more developed roots. New seedling introductions are basswood, eastern ninebark, shagbark hickory, winterberry holly, pin oak, swamp white oak, northern pecan, and American larch.

Order forms may be obtained by:

• stopping at the District office at 50 Commerce Way in East Aurora (behind the Post Office), or

• by calling (716) 652-8480 ext. 5, or

• by printing the order form from the District website at .

The District also stocks marking flags, fertilizer tablets, and tree shelters to help promote the success of your plantings. Bluebird nest boxes can be ordered through the program or be purchased at the District office.

Orders are due by March 16, 2017 and pick-up will be on Saturday April 21, 2017 at the Fairgrounds in Hamburg.

*The Erie County Soil & Water District is not part of County government, but a local governmental subdivision established under state law to carry out a program for the conservation, use and development of soil, water and related resources.