Initiatives for a Smart Economy 2.0 – Focus on Inclusion

Modified: June 7, 2017 3:27pm

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County Executive Poloncarz recently released his administration’s latest economic development plan to stimulate new growth and promote inclusivity. The plan, titled Initiatives for a Smart Economy 2.0 – Focus on Inclusion, shares the goal of its predecessor—to identify those sectors of the regional economy Erie County can most influence and to further identify, in the form of individual initiatives, what specifically Erie County will do to propel those sectors forward.

The plan contains 71 initiatives across the following priority sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Brownfields and Vacant Property Redevelopment
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Municipal Smart Growth Initiatives
  • An Inclusive and Prepared Workforce
  • Agriculture
  • Bi-National Logistics and International Trade
  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • ECIDA Enhancement
  • Quality of Life
  • The Blue Economy

Initiatives for a Smart Economy 2.0 – Focus on Inclusion represents the Poloncarz administration’s deep commitment to a comprehensive, innovative approach to economic development that contributes to a more vibrant economy and creates shared opportunities for all.


The County Executive will be holding four Town Hall Meetings over the next two weeks. 


Here is the list of meetings:

June 6:Frank E. Merriweather Library in Buffalo, 6:30 pm

June 8:Elma Meadows Golf Clubhouse in Elma, 6:30 pm

June 14:Akron Falls Park Cummings Lodge in Akron, 6:30 pm

June 15:Sprague Brook Park Casino in Glenwood, 6:30 pm