News - 2021

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4/9/2021 Driver Indicted for Hit-And-Run That Killed Teenage Bicyclist and Injured Another in Lancaster
4/9/2021 Ice Skating Instructor Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny Charge for Stealing Nearly $100k from Student
4/8/2021 Strykersville Man Indicted for Assaulting State Trooper During Arrest in Town of Colden
4/7/2021 Niagara Falls Roofer Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge for Scamming Customers
4/7/2021 Father Indicted for Causing the Death of His Infant Son
4/7/2021 Akron Woman Charged with Manslaughter for Causing Multi-Vehicle Crash in Clarence, Killing Another Driver
4/1/2021 Teen Receives State Prison Sentence for Robbing Cab Drivers
4/1/2021 Erie County District Attorney Commemorates Office's Bicentennial
3/31/2021 Buffalo Police Cell Block Attendant Arraigned for Off-Duty Domestic Violence Incident
3/30/2021 Guilty Plea in Pistol Permit Application Forgery Case
3/30/2021 Bookkeeper Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny Charge While Pending Sentence in a Separate Embezzlement Case
3/29/2021 Defendant Accused of Driving Under the Influence of Narcotics Indicted for Crashing into McKinley Monument, Killing Passenger
3/23/2021 Violent Felon Receives the Maximum Sentence for Raping Victim at Gunpoint
3/23/2021 Violent Felon Receives the Maximum Sentence for Raping Victim at Gunpoint
3/22/2021 Driver Pleads Guilty to Attempted Assault Charges for Crashing Vehicle Into Downtown Nightclub
3/22/2021 Passenger of Vehicle That Drove Through Police Blockade at Bailey Avenue Protest Indicted on Gun Charge
3/22/2021 Driver Receives Prison Sentence for 2017 Hit-and-Run Crash That Injured Another Driver
3/19/2021 Buffalo Man Indicted on Multiple Felony Drug Charges for Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Distribute
3/19/2021 Tonawanda Man Who Accidentally Shot His Girlfriend Inside Cheektowaga Restaurant Sentenced on Gun and Drug Charges
3/19/2021 Trials Resume Again in Erie County Superior Courts
3/18/2021 Erie County DA Urges Governor, Legislators to Prioritize Public Safety in Marijuana Legislation
3/17/2021 Woman Who Drove Through Police Blockade at Bailey Avenue Protest Indicted for Assaulting State Trooper
3/17/2021 Defendant Linked to Home Burglary Through DNA Evidence Receives State Prison Sentence
3/15/2021 Buffalo Police Officer Arraigned on Charges for Off-Duty Domestic Violence Incident
3/15/2021 Father Charged with Murder for Causing the Death of His Infant Son
3/11/2021 Former North Tonawanda Girl Scout Leader Indicted for Sexually Abusing Two Child Victims
3/11/2021 Erie County DA Alerts Public About Fraudulent Unemployment Claims
3/10/2021 Defendant Pleads Guilty to Assault and Gun Charges for Shooting Two Victims With an Illegal Weapon
3/5/2021 Erie County DA's Office Remembers Lives Lost to Opioid Addiction, Remains Committed to Prosecuting Drug Dealers
3/4/2021 Prior Felon Sentenced for Firing Illegal Gun at Buffalo Police C-District Station House
3/3/2021 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Killing His Girlfriend's Child
3/3/2021 Convicted Arsonist Sentenced for Assaulting Officer While Incarcerated at Collins Correctional Facility
3/2/2021 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Attempted Murder Charge for Shooting Woman Outside of His Quincy Street Home
3/2/2021 Defendant Indicted on Assault and Gun Charges for Shooting Victim on Wyoming Avenue
3/1/2021 Defendant Indicted for Raping Two Children in 2017 Arraigned After Being Extradited from Florida
2/25/2021 Depew Man Who Posted as State Trooper Sentenced on Rape and Criminal Impersonation Charges
2/23/2021 Intoxicated Driver Sentenced for Gun and Vehicular Manslaughter Charges
2/22/2021 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder and Other Charges in Four Separate Cases
2/18/2021 Teen Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter for Ivy Street Homicide
2/16/2021 Case Worker, Clerk and Caregiver Plead Guilty in Three Separate Criminal Cases
2/12/2021 Lackawanna Man Indicted for Sexually Assaulting Child
2/12/2021 Town of Tonawanda Man Charged for Possession of Illegal Assault Weapon and Firearm Silencer
2/10/2021 Defendant Indicted on Murder Charge for Fatally Stabbing His Girlfriend in Their Amherst Street Home
2/10/2021 Town of Tonawanda Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Drug Charge
2/9/2021 Teens Prosecuted in Youth Part for Stealing Vehicles and Committing Other Felony Offenses
2/5/2021 Buffalo Man Arraigned for Fatally Stabbing Another Man Inside Kilhoffer Street Home
2/5/2021 Defendant Sentenced to Diversion Program for Drug Charge Pleads Guilty to Selling Cocaine to Undercover Cop
2/4/2021 Teens Arraigned for Driving Stolen Vehicle, One Charges for Possession of an Illegal Gun
2/3/2021 Defendant Pleads Guilty to Burglary Charge for Black Rock Home Invasion
2/1/2021 Buffalo Man to Serve 10 Years In Prison for Attempting to Kill Victim With Samurai Sword
1/28/2021 Defendant Convicted of Attempted Murder Receives 20 Year Sentence
1/28/2021 Grand Island Man Sentenced for Setting Fire Inside His Apartment
1/28/2021 Erie County Grand Jury Resumes Again During Pandemic
1/28/2021 Cheektowaga Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Gun Charge
1/28/2021 Lancaster Man to Serve Jail Time for 2017 Home Burglary
1/25/2021 Driver Sentenced for High-Speed Crash That Injured Passenger and Buffalo Police Officers
1/20/2021 Amherst Man Sentenced for Requesting Sexually Explicit Photos of Minor Through Social Media App
1/14/2021 Town of Tonawanda Man Indicted for Attempted Murder
1/14/2021 Sheriff's Deputy Arraigned on DWI Charges for Crashing Agency Vehicle While Off-Duty
1/13/2021 Teen Indicted on Gun Charges
1/11/2021 South Buffalo Man Arraigned on Murder Charge
1/8/2021 Defendant Sentenced to State Prison for Possessing an Illegal Handgun
1/8/2021 Springville Woman Sentenced for Sexual Misconduct
1/6/2021 Parolee Sentenced on Promoting Prostitution Charge
1/6/2021 Virginia Man Indicted for Randomly Attacking Two Victims
1/5/2021 Driver Arraigned on Vehicular Manslaughter Charge for Crashing into McKinley Monument, Killing Passenger