News - 2016

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1/4/2016 Acting District Attorney Michael J. Flaherty, Jr. Announces New Leadership Team
1/4/2016 Buffalo Man Convicted of Financially Exploiting a 77 Year-old Woman
1/5/2016 Serial Burglar Stands Indicted for Three Burglaries and Bank Robbery
1/5/2016 Trio Plead Guilty to Gang Rape
1/7/2016 Son-In-Law Indicted on Fraud Charges
1/11/2016 Buffalo Man Found Guilty of Felony Animal Fighting
1/12/2016 Buffalo Man Indicted for Murder in Purdy Street Shooting
1/13/2016 Man Who Bilked His Grandmother Out of Her Monthly Income Sentenced
1/14/2016 Federal Grant Supports the Formation of a New Domestic Violence High Risk Team in Erie County
1/14/2016 Company Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny
1/15/2016 Acting District Attorney Flaherty makes Appointment to the Erie County Charter Revision Commission
1/15/2016 Woman Whose Blood Alcohol Content is Three Times the Legal Limit Pleads Guilty to Killing Hamburg Motorcyclist
1/20/2016 Man Charged in Cheektowaga Murder
1/25/2016 Buffalo Woman Indicted for Murder of Boyfriend
1/25/2016 Jury Convicts Man for Illegally Possessing a Firearm While on Probation
1/27/2016 Acting Erie County District Attorney Michael J. Flaherty Announces New Community Outreach Initiative
1/28/2016 Woman Pleads Guilty to Illegally Collecting Disability Benefits
1/28/2016 Heroin Dealer Pleads Guilty
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2/1/2016 Acting District Attorney Michael J. Flaherty Proposed Changes to the Erie County Code of Ethics
2/9/2016 Veteran Broadcast Journalist Joins Office As Part of Focus to Improve the Public’s Understanding of the Criminal Justice System
2/10/2016 Buffalo Man Faces 25 Years in Village of Sloan Burglary
2/10/2016 Buffalo Man Faces 25 Years in Village of Sloan Burglary
2/11/2016 Teacher Pleads Guilty to Stealing PTO Funds
2/22/2016 Domestic Abuser Faces 25 Years After Second Conviction
2/22/2016 Buffalo Teenagers Sentenced for Vicious Gang Rape
2/22/2016 Amherst Man Sentenced in Jim Steakout Robbery
2/23/2016 Lancaster Man Admits to Stealing from Christian Store
2/25/2016 Heroin Dealer Sent to State Prison
2/25/2016 Hamburg Woman in Drunk Driving Crash is Sentenced
2/25/2016 Home Improvement Scam Artist Pleads Guilty
2/26/2016 Acting DA Michael Flaherty Pushes New, Tougher Code of Ethics
2/29/2016 Two Charged In Deadly Drunk Boating Crash
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3/1/2016 Guilty Plea in Tire Theft at West Herr Chevrolet
3/2/2016 Buffalo Man Gets Hefty Sentence For Rape And Robbery
3/3/2016 Lancaster Central School District Worker Accused of Stealing
3/3/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Hit And Run Incident
3/3/2016 Depew Man Pleads Guilty To ATM Robberies
3/7/2016 Depew Woman Pleads Guilty In Deadly High Speed Crash
3/8/2016 DA Flaherty Offers Public A Way To Report Corrupt Public Officials
3/9/2016 Guilty Plea In Deadly High Speed Drunk Driving Crash
3/9/2016 Second Defendant Sentenced In Brutal Stabbing Death
3/11/2016 Serial Rapist Pleads Guilty After Attempt To Flee Courtroom
3/11/2016 Concord Man Who Shot Kids With BB Gun Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law
3/15/2016 Two Brothers Plead Guilty In Death Of Buffalo Man
3/16/2016 Guilty Verdict In Double Murder
3/16/2016 Sentencing For Buffalo Man Who Killed His Mother
3/18/2016 Gun-Toting Suspect On Bike Pleads Guilty
3/23/2016 17 Year Old Admits To Shaking To Death Infant Son
3/23/2016 West Side Mother and her Son Arraigned for Possessing 970 bags of Heroin
3/24/2016 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty In Death of Boyfriend
3/24/2016 Buffalo Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty To Having 2,089 Packages of Heroin
3/28/2016 Buffalo Heroin Dealer Sentenced To Six Years In Prison
3/29/2016 Buffalo Man Charged With Shooting Eight People, Killing Two
3/30/2016 Buffalo Teen Faces 32 Years In Prison After Guilty Plea
3/30/2016 Rape Sentencing For A Buffalo Man
3/30/2016 Two Women Rising To The Top At The Erie County District Attorney's Office
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4/1/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter Before Trial
4/1/2016 Buffalo Teacher Who Stole From PTO Must Perform Community Service
4/1/2016 Depew Woman Pleads Guilty To Sex Offense
4/4/2016 Buffalo Man Convicted Of Dogfighting Sentenced To Jail
4/4/2016 West Seneca Rite Aid Robber Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law
4/4/2016 Buffalo Man Accused Of Selling Fentanyl Is Arraigned
4/4/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Gun Charge
4/5/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Barbershop Shooting
4/5/2016 Three Buffalo State Students Accused Of Forging Credit And Debit Cards
4/6/2016 Pedophile Who Frequented Cazenovia Park Pleads Guilty
4/6/2016 Buffalo Police Officer Found Guilty Of Lesser DWI Charge
4/7/2016 Buffalo Bank Robber Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
4/11/2016 Domestic Violence Grant Awarded To DA's Office During National Crime Victims' Rights Week
4/12/2016 Cheektowaga Grandmother Accused Of Selling Opioid Pills Out Of Her Home
4/12/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Shooting Death Of Friend
4/14/2016 Guilty Verdict In The Antone Herrod Murder Trial
4/19/2016 Buffalo Man Accused Of Stealing Credit Cards At Nichols School, Day Care Center
4/19/2016 Erie County Holding Center Deputy Arraigned On Drug And Bribery Charges
4/21/2016 Arraignment For Buffalo Woman Accused Of Setting Fire That Killed Two People
4/21/2016 Depew Woman Sentenced To The Max In Deadly High Speed Crash
4/21/2016 Serial Robber Pleads Guilty
4/21/2016 Convicted Felon Pleads Guilty In The Attack And Robbery Of A Buffalo Man
4/22/2016 Assistant District Attorney Wins Prestigious Award
4/22/2016 Former Buffalo Bar Owner Accused of Stealing State Sales Tax
4/25/2016 Guilty Plea In Shooting Death of Buffalo Woman
4/26/2016 Sexual Predator Is Sentenced For Attack On Women
4/26/2016 Violent Felony Offender Gets More Jail Time
4/26/2016 Christian Store Embezzler Sentenced
4/27/2016 Concord Man Is Sentenced For Shooting Children With BB Gun
4/27/2016 Cheektowaga Man Gets 40 Years To Life For Double Murder
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5/2/2016 Buffalo Man Gets The Maximum Sentence For Deadly Shooting
5/2/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Murder Trial
5/3/2016 Prostitution Ring Leader Pleads Guilty
5/3/2016 Amherst Man Admits Stealing From Mother-In-Law
5/3/2016 Gowanda Woman Admits Stealing From The Disabled
5/4/2016 Buffalo Man Arraigned On A Murder Charge
5/5/2016 Buffalo Sex Offender Loses Appeal
5/6/2016 West Side Mother And Her Son Plead Guilty To Possessing 970 bags Of Heroin
5/9/2016 Level 3 Sex Offender Arraigned On Sex Offense Charges
5/12/2016 Seven Suspects Indicted In Hamburg Drug Roundup
5/12/2016 Hamburg Woman Sentenced For Stealing From Employer
5/13/2016 Cheektowaga Woman Pleads Guilty To Stealing From Employer
5/13/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Murder Trial Of Ohio Man
5/17/2016 Irving Man Pleads Guilty In ATV Crash
5/18/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced To Jail For Trying To Set Wife Afire
5/18/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To A String Of Crimes
5/18/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Stealing $39,000 In Identity Theft Case
5/19/2016 Niagara Falls Man Sentenced In A Home Improvement Scam
5/19/2016 Belfast Man Arraigned On Charges For Crash That Killed His Son
5/19/2016 Repeat DWI Offender Gets The Maximum Sentence
5/20/2016 Former Erie County Sheriff's Deputy Arraigned On Bibery/Contraband Charges
5/20/2016 Fleeing Suspect Is Indicted On Rape Charges
5/23/2016 Nine People Plead Guilty In Check Cashing Scheme That Netted More Than $52,000
5/23/2016 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty In Death Of Five Month Old Daughter
5/24/2016 Teen Involved In Fatal Boating Crash Pleads Guilty
5/25/2016 Heroin Dealers Indicted After Swat Team Raids
5/25/2016 Tonawanda Man Arraigned On Murder Charge In Death Of Girlfriend
5/25/2016 Former Lancaster School Worker Pleads Guilty To Stealing From The District
5/26/2016 Former Business Owners Plead Guilty In Sales Tax Fraud Case That Tops $1,000,000
5/31/2016 DA Flaherty Joins Senator Gallivan, Sheriff Howard, County Executive Poloncarz In Fight Against Elder Abuse
5/31/2016 Cheektowaga Grandmother Pleads Guilty To Selling Opioid Pills
5/31/2016 Convicted Murderer Gets The Maximum Sentence
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6/1/2016 Second Man Involved In Deadly Buffalo Shooting Is Sentenced
6/2/2016 Buffalo Man Sentence In Fatal Barbershop Shooting
6/2/2016 South Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Charge
6/2/2016 Former Correction Officer Admits Taking Bribe
6/3/2016 Serial Robber Is Sent To Prison For 12 Years
6/3/2016 Sentencing For Buffalo Woman Who Killed Her Boyfriend
6/6/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced In Deadly Shooting
6/6/2016 Guilty Verdict In Domestic Violence Trial of Buffalo Man
6/7/2016 Buffalo Man Who Fired A Fatal Shot Then Crashed His Car Pleads Guilty
6/8/2016 Amherst Man Sentenced For Stealing From Mother-In-Law
6/9/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Promoting Prostitution
6/9/2016 Kenmore Man Sentenced On Sexual Offense Charge
6/10/2016 Jury Takes 12 Minutes To Convict Box Cutter Attacker
6/10/2016 Buffalo Man Charged In Deadly Car Crash
6/16/2016 Buffalo Mother Who Admitted Using And Selling Heroin Is Sentenced
6/16/2016 16-Year-Old Pleads Guilty To Murder Charge
6/16/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter
6/17/2016 Community Activist Arraigned On Election Law Violations
6/20/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Attempted Murder Trial
6/21/2016 Double Murderer Pleads Guilty To Execution-Style Shooting
6/21/2016 Evans Woman Arraigned On Charges Stemming From 2013 Death
6/22/2016 Lancaster Man Sentenced For Alcohol Fueled High Speed Deadly Chase
6/22/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Attempted Murder In The Second Degree
6/23/2016 Cheektowaga Man Arraigned In Fatal Beating Case
6/27/2016 Serial Criminal in Black Rock Going To Jail
6/27/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced In Shooting Death Of Friend
6/27/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced To The Maximum For Murder
6/28/2016 Man Faces Murder Charge In Death Of Friend
6/30/2016 Jury Convicts Lackawanna Man In Wife's Stabbing Death
6/30/2016 Man Accused Of Identity Theft And Impersonating Member Of Comedian's Entourage
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7/4/2016 Longtime Victim Advocate In DA's Office Receives Award
7/6/2016 Home Invasion Defendant Loses Appeal
7/7/2016 Orchard Park Man Admits To Insurance Fraud
7/7/2016 DA Flaherty Announces Nearly $2 Million Grant To Fight Gun Crime In Buffalo
7/8/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced To Prison For Beating Dog
7/11/2016 Amherst Man Arraigned In Connection With Deadly Crash
7/11/2016 Holland Man Arraigned In Connection With Deadly Colden Collision
7/13/2016 Sexual Predator Is Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison
7/14/2016 Rapist Pleads Guilty To Knife-Point Rape And Burglary
7/15/2016 Father Sentenced To Prison For Shaking Infant Son To Death
7/19/2016 Box Cutter Attacker Gets Prison Sentence
7/22/2016 DA Flaherty And SPCA Serving Erie County Join Forces To End Animal Abuse
7/22/2016 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty In Meat Cleaver Attack
7/22/2016 Double Murderer Gets 20 To Life Prison Sentence
7/22/2016 Daughter Goes To Jail For Stealing From Mother
7/25/2016 Former Hospital Worker Accused Of Stealing Credit Card From Deceased Patient
7/26/2016 Serial Burglar Caught Thanks To Facebook Is Sentenced
7/26/2016 Buffalo Woman Arraigned In Stabbing Death Of Boyfriend
7/26/2016 Former Caregiver Admits Stealing $10,000 From Elderly Woman
7/27/2016 Buffalo Man Accused Of Threatening To Kill Police Pleads Guilty To Gun Charge
7/29/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Deadly Shooting
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8/1/2016 Buffalo Sabre Evander Kane Arraigned On Harassment Charges
8/5/2016 Sentencing For Son Who Ran A Heroin Selling Operation With Mother
8/8/2016 Sentencing For Buffalo Man Who Fired Fatal Shot And Crashed Car On The Kensington
8/8/2016 Cheektowaga Woman Going To Jail For Stealing From Employer
8/9/2016 Mother Of Young Girls Shot With BB Gun Now Facing Charges
8/10/2016 Buffalo Teen Indicted For Attempting To Shoot Buffalo Police Officer
8/10/2016 Buffalo Teen Indicted For Attempting To Shoot Buffalo Police Officer
8/11/2016 Buffalo Man Found Guilty In Death Of Girlfriend's Baby
8/11/2016 Sentencing For Sheriff's Deputy Who Committed Insurance Fraud
8/11/2016 Holland Teen Facing Charges In Deadly Drag Race
8/12/2016 Father And Stepson Sentenced On Burglary Charges
8/16/2016 Mother Gets Twenty Year Prison Sentence In Death Of Daughter
8/16/2016 Buffalo Heroin Dealer Going To Jail
8/16/2016 Lackawanna Man Gets The Maximum Prison Sentence For Killing His Wife
8/18/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Shooting Friend Over Sandwich
8/18/2016 Buffalo Pleads Guilty To Beating Death of Cheektowaga Man During Burglary
8/22/2016 16-Year-Old Sentenced For Buffalo Murder
8/22/2016 Hamburg Man Accused Of Causing Fatal Crash
8/23/2016 Buffalo Deli Owner Indicted On Welfare Fraud Charges
8/24/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced On Gun And Attempted Murder Charges
8/25/2016 Buffalo Woman Sentenced For Violent Robbery
8/25/2016 Homicide Convictions Under DA Flaherty More Than Double That Of 2015
8/26/2016 Buffalo Man Indicted On Murder Charges In Fatal Stabbing
8/29/2016 DA Flaherty Joins "Drink And Drive, Lose Your Ride" Campaign
8/31/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict On Gun Charge
8/31/2016 Buffalo Man Admits To Selling Powerful Painkillers
8/31/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Deadly Shooting
8/31/2016 Buffalo Man Gets 25 Year Prison Sentence For Deadly Shooting
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9/6/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Crash
9/7/2016 DA Flaherty Uses Asset Forfeiture Money For Anti-Crime Programs
9/7/2016 Buffalo Woman Indicted For Murder in 33 Year Old Cold Case
9/9/2016 Two Plead Guilty In Credit Card Scam
9/12/2016 Charges Filed In Shooting Of Anchor Bar Worker
9/12/2016 Former Little League President Accused Of Stealing From Club
9/22/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Death Of Baby Boy
9/22/2016 Identity Thief Pleads Guilty
9/23/2016 Buffalo Man Accused Of Gunning Down Victim On The Street
9/23/2016 Former UB Supervisor Accused Of Taking Bribe
9/27/2016 DA’S Office Makes History By Adopting Buffalo Alternative High School
9/28/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Crash That Killed Four Year Old
9/28/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced 20 Years For Fatal Beating
9/30/2016 Former Local Realtor Admits To Stealing Pills During Phony House Showings
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10/4/2016 DA Flaherty Has Erie County Hall Lit In Purple For Domestic Violence Awareness Month
10/6/2016 Two Buffalo Men Indicted In Anchor Bar Shooting
10/7/2016 Buffalo Man Charged In Car Crash That Killed Baby
10/12/2016 Cheektowaga Man Faces Charge Of Murder In The First Degree In Death Of Girlfriend And Her Son
10/12/2016 DA Flaherty Teams Up With Sheriff Howard For Human/Labor Trafficking PSAs
10/13/2016 Grand Island Man Accused Of Swindling Women Out Of Thousands Of Dollars
10/14/2016 Two Drag Racers Plead Guilty In Fatal Crash
10/14/2016 Credit Card Stealer Sentenced To Prison
10/14/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Shooting Triggered By Affair
10/17/2016 Admitted Rapist Is Sentenced To Prison
10/24/2016 Ballowe Pleads Guilty In 2013 Hit-And-Run Death
10/24/2016 Cheektowaga Man Pleads Guilty In Girlfriend's Death
10/26/2016 Leader Of Stolen Credit Card Ring Pleads Guilty
10/26/2016 Jury Convicts Predatory Rapist
10/27/2016 DA Flaherty Names First Woman Chief of SIP Bureau
10/28/2016 Judge Finds Diamond Lewis Guilty Of Two Murders And 16 Other Counts
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11/2/2016 Two of DA Flaherty's ADAs Lead UB Mock Trial Team To Victory
11/3/2016 Son Indicted In Beating Death Of Mother
11/3/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Promoting Prostitution
11/4/2016 Buffalo Driver Who Fatally Struck Baby Pleads Guilty
11/9/2016 Co-Defendant In Moss Hit And Run Pleads Guilty To Perjury
11/10/2016 Belfast Man Sentenced For Crash That Killed His Four-Year-Old Son
11/10/2016 Grand Island Couple Accused Of Attempting To Kill A Sheriff's Deputy
11/14/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict Against Tonawanda Man In Deadly Boating Crash
11/14/2016 Hamburg Man Pleads Guilty In Fatal Crash
11/15/2016 Arrest Made In Zoe Restaurant Shooting In Clarence
11/16/2016 Defendant Involved In Shooting Of Eleven Year Old Arraigned
11/17/2016 Guilty Plea In Credit Card Scam
11/18/2016 Former Tonawanda Man Convicted Of Sex Charge
11/22/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Deadly Crash
11/25/2016 Alleged Ringleader Of Local Check Cashing Scheme Is Charged
11/28/2016 Teen Who Tried To Shoot Police Officer Pleads Guilty
11/30/2016 Texas Brothers Are Sentenced For Stealing NYS Tax Money
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12/1/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Murder/Arson Trial
12/5/2016 Amherst Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Drunk Driving Crash
12/5/2016 Cheektowaga Man Sentenced For Strangling Girlfriend
12/6/2016 Sexual Predator Is Sentenced For Attack On Buffalo Woman
12/6/2016 Cheektowaga Man Pleads Guilty In Fatal Beating
12/8/2016 Convicted Murderer Sentenced 131 Years To Life
12/8/2016 DA Announces Appeal Of Reversed Conviction In Kuzdzal Case
12/8/2016 Sentencing For Buffalo Man Who Sold Powerful Painkillers
12/9/2016 Cuban National Caught At Border With Forged Credit Cards Pleads Guilty
12/12/2016 Driver Who Fatally Struck Baby Is Sentenced
12/13/2016 Hamburg Man Sentenced In Fatal Crash
12/14/2016 Two Drag Racers Sentenced For Fatal Crash
12/15/2016 Suspect Involved In Shooting Of Eleven Year Old Arraigned On Assault Charge
12/16/2016 Former Little League President Pleads Guilty
12/19/2016 Ringleader Of Local Check Cashing Scheme Pleads Guilty
12/20/2016 Ballowe Sentenced For 2013 Death Of Barry Moss
12/20/2016 Accused Drug Dealer Charged With Murder
12/20/2016 Sentencing For Man Convicted Of Domestic Violence
12/20/2016 Identity Thief Is Sentenced
12/22/2016 Judge Finds Buffalo Man Guilty Of Murder
12/22/2016 Former Buffalo Police Officer Admits Faking Injury
12/27/2016 Buffalo Woman Sentenced On Murder And Arson Convictions
12/27/2016 Former Buffalo State Student Sentenced In Credit Card Scam
12/28/2016 Buffalo Woman Charged In Death Of Elderly Restaurant Owner